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Independence Day Celebration at Tokyo, Japan Embassy #Kalayaan2013

June 24, 2013


Dirty ice cream, anyone? Hehe.

Last Saturday, I joined the celebration of the 115th Philippine Independence Day at our embassy in Roppongi Hills. It’s my first time to be there so I allocated ample time. Seriously, I was quite excited, because not only was this gonna be surely fun and entertaining, it’s my first time ever to be invited to what is technically a state occasion. After all, unlike the ones you see on Hollywood films about American state dinners or something (what a benchmark, huh?), Philippine events such as this one are surely gonna be festive and noisy, which makes me miss home even more. Anyway, the atmosphere during the event felt like a Pinoy Christmas party. Everyone was wearing their suits or our national outfits, but everyone was simply having fun.

There were a lot of food, beer, beer, beer, and “sidewalk barbecue.” It was a good thing that the event was not a very pretentious one. Something I badly needed as I count n-70 days until I graduate and safely return to the Philippines.

A big discussion during the celebration is the recent stellar economic performance of the Philippines, which is why everybody was very ecstatic and proud to be a Filipino. But then again, as what the mass celebratant (it’s a predominantly Catholic nation, after all) mentioned in his homily, “with much powers comes great responsibility.

Here are some of the pics I have during the event. I purposely blurred some of the pics because I don’t have any prior approval to have them posted although doing it in the Embassy should technically mean I am bound by Philippine laws. But let’s just do it this way to be safe.

Until then!

2013-06-22 17.34.16

On the way to the Embassy

2013-06-22 17.38.45

The Gates of Hell

2013-06-22 22.44.52

The National Loot Bag

2013-06-22 19.46.54

Awarding of cash prizes for NPOs or whatnots

2013-06-22 19.51.32

Some people talking before we the buffet.

2013-06-22 20.32.44


People in costumes, etc.

2013-06-22 21.37


2013-06-22 21.38

And some more dancing….


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  1. July 19, 2013 7:58 am

    sosyal ng mamang sorbetero, naka coat and tie hehehe.

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