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More Funds In The Philippines: Why PH Government Should Focus on Manufacturing, Education, Science & Technology

June 8, 2013

Just doing my part to entice investors or, at the very least, push for a better outlook from foreigners regarding the Philippines. I wrote this article with the target reader in mind: 1.) Foreigners who may have no idea where the Philippines is; 2.) Those who have heard about the Philippines, but is unaware that we have just been dubbed “the fastest growing economy in Asia;” Or worse, 3.) Those who see the  Philippines as the gates of hell.

Thus, please bear with me if I wrote the article this way. Not too long, not too short. And, for most Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart, why the article sounds like a “dummy’s guide on why the Philippine economic system (kinda) works for our favor (for now.)”


How one of Asia’s fastest growing economies can maintain its pace into the future, by King del Rosario.

Click here to read the entire article.

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