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How to Train your Startup Dragon

March 7, 2013

Just in case you are still unfamiliar, GLOBIS.JP is an online business magazine which the GLOBIS Group, based in Tokyo, Japan, has been running to serve Japanese business leaders and entrepreneurs since August 2006. As a media unit of Japan’s leading business school, GLOBIS.JP provides a valuable resource helping “Japan, Inc.” or “Corporate Japan” to transform and improve business management and leadership.”

Here’s my first article for GLOBIS.JP in English.

Through student contributions, GLOBIS.JP aims to reflect the growing diversity of its MBA program via this online portal as well as to showcase the best visionary ideas from all over Asia.

How to Train Your Start-up Dragon

The dynamic management style that’s driving the Philippines forward.


This article is about my first real marketing experience with the Dragon Edge Group (aka Naturale Labs) while still taking up my undergraduate degree in Marketing  Management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I feel the need to share my experience about the company through GLOBIS.JP because although it has both its ups and downs, I do attribute much of my marketing entrepreneurial spirit to my early exposure to the company.

As GLOBIS seeks to develop “visionary leaders who create and innovate societies” in the essence of entrepreneurship, what better way that to start at the beginning, right? Anyway, read more here

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