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Tsutaya T-Site at Daikanyama

March 1, 2013


Last February 27, 2013, the full time MBA students of GLOBIS University had a tour at the award-winning architectural marvel in Tokyo called Daikanyama T-Site which is the flagship real estate complex of Culture Convenience Club Co (CCC) of Japan. CCC operates the chain of Tsutaya book stores and the ubiquitous T-Point card, which I have been hearing a loooot about coming from my short stint as the Innovations Leader for a savings bank in the Philippines.

Works in Japan, they say. Will it work in the Philippines, they say. What can you say, BDO Rewards?



I also want to thank this opportunity for the nice lunch provided to us by CCC and GLOBIS. It was a great experience for a gaijin like me to experience something totally unlike Tokyo (to quote the authority of automotive industry) in terms of retail space.  The place is undoubtedly a book lover’s and a music aficionado’s haven as you allow everyone to experience their passion and taste for arts and music and literature within the confines of your complex.

Rest assured I will be back time and time again. In fact, just like everybody else, I will be bringing my friends from the Philippines whenever they visit Tokyo for a great time of affordable unwinding within the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Although the place does remind me of Bonifacio Global City or even Baguio City, one thing that you can easily spot as the main difference is the serenity.

In BGC, kids and kids-at-heart would fill all your senses including your ears. In Daikanyama, everything is so peaceful and quiet which deeply reflects the Japanese introspection of how to appreciate books and music within the context of retail.



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