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My First TED Experience! #TED2013 #TEDxTokyo #Live #TEDxTokyoLive

March 1, 2013


Although there has been several independent TED events in Manila and my consciousness of the said event grew a million times over thanks to Peter Weyland (aka Guy Pierce) in Prometheus for #TED2023. This is why when I finally decided to move to Tokyo for my MBA studies, one of the things I wanted to do to assist me in expanding my horizon is to attend the TED event in Tokyo. I find their version of TED quite amazing since it focuses mainly on art and science, 2 major topics which always interested me at the back of my head as a frustrated artist and a former scientist. Perhaps the Pisay community should do the same, eh?

This is why for this year as soon as the news about TEDxTokyoLive came pouring in, bringing TED’s main US conference to the Tokyo public for the first time, I did my best to get seats. I particularly wanted a great first timer’s experience.

Although I do like most of the talks, four (4) speakers really caught my eye:

1. Dong Woo Jang
Bow Designer, Statesman in the making

The grass is always greener from my side of the fence.

If a kid his age has the wisdom to love his own country, why do some of us fall into the trap of criticizing our own motherland to a fault? Being too unapologetic with your government is like b*tching about your parents. You may be wrong, you may be right. Either way, you’re still not showing a great level of respect.

2. Dr. Kate Stone (YouTube Video)
Shepherd of Electrons aka DJ in denial

You can’t change an object. You change the environment and then the object will flow.

Talk about coolness and geek power in the realms of Sheldon Cooper.

3. Jack Andraka (YouTube Video)
Cancer Detector Inventor, future Nobel Laureate
A kid who makes a difference in the world of medicine. If only you were born earlier, you could have helped me and my family detect my mom’s cancer way earlier. Anyway, here’s to hoping her chances of survival and recovery is still high.

4. Allan Savory (YouTube Video)

Grassland Ecosystem Pioneer
Apart from his wonderful contribution to a possible and feasible solution to global warming and desertification  he epitomizes accountability as a scientist by admitting his past mistakes, and learns from it.

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