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Christmas Party of the Association of Filipino Students in Japan

December 17, 2012


Last Saturday (December 15), after some introspection and an uberslow preparation of my pasta concoction for the potluck Christmas party of the Association of Filipino Students in Japan, I finally arrived at the venue a good 1 hour and 40 minutes late.

Talk about Filipino time. Please don’t hate me.

You see, I was actually lost and faced a lot of hurdles both personal (*sob*) and logistical. Since I wouldn’t be too crazy about discussing my personal whatnots in this blog, let’s talk about the logistical ones.

First, I forgot it’s already cold weather here in Tokyo and so walking with my pot of spaghetti would be like putting my contribution in a freezer if I had to trudge my way from the house to the nearest train station, Shakuji Koen, which was like 2 kilometers away. And so, I decided to take the bus, which is the first time I ever did so in my entire 4-month residence in Japan (not counting 2x going to the Shinagawa Immigration Office or that time I went to Wakoshi for the GLOBIS partey2x.) In short, I had no idea where the bus would take me. I waited a good 30 minutes for the bus to arrive since I missed the most recent one by a few blocks. Worse, it did not follow a straight path from the bus stop to the station, and so I spent more time within the bus than by actually walking instead.

Then, when I arrived at Ikebukuro station to take the JR line, I went the other direction and I only realized I should have gone clockwise and not counterclockwise. In short, the 8 minutes train ride became a 30 minute train ride considering displacement from point of origin.

Then I walked. And walked. And walked. Then I went to the wrong room inside the venue, Asia Bunka Kaikan. You see, another bunch of guys were having a meeting at the basement and I thought that was the Christmas Party. So lively, I thought, and yes, I was being sarcastic.

Oh, I forgot, with the exception of Nappy (where I stayed for my first night here in Tokyo) and Lisette (who was technically my neighbor when I still resided at Park 9 in Quezon City during my Ateneo days) this was actually my first time to meet these guys. To put it bluntly, feeling close lang.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics. Notice the Pinoy Gazette paper used for the newspaper dance. It was an interesting thing for me since, if you do not know, I used to work for IPS, who publishes this paper for the Filipino community in Japan.




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