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Boy Gala Episode 2 OikeBajomae, Hamamatsuchō & Kasai

November 25, 2012

Anyway, for this weekend, while trying to finish reading the case for Management Accounting and the desire to start reading the next case for Strategy as further described below, I became so uncomfortable staying at home that I literally packed up my backpack and left the house with no planned destination.

And just like that, the exploits of “Boy Gala” has shifted from wanting to go somewhere to random train stops in the convoluted train network that acts as the nervous system of the megapolis we all know as Tokyo.

First Stop: OikeBajomae Station
November 25, 2012

I don’t know why I decided to go there, maybe it was the monorail or the desire to see the river slash canal that opened up Tokyo to the sea, but as soon as I got to see the view, the kid in me just acted up. Te-hee!

Then en route to somewhere else, I was halted  by this suspenseful alert. It turns out a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck Tokyo. Is God telling me to stay at home and study?

That’s one sad thing about Japan. You just don’t know if there’s an earthquake or you’re just hungry that’s why you’re dizzy….

Second Stop: Hamamatsuchō Station
November 25, 2012

This is why I finally decided to eat my dinner come 6 PM. I actually did not know what I ended up ordering but it turns out to be quite worth it given the price tag. This is Tokyo after all…. prolly the most expensive place in the planet….

En route to my next pitstop, I started reading the case study for Strategy. Good heavens, while several meters underground riding the subway, I flipped through the first page of 30-ish page document and saw this. Bloody hell!

Is Someone above telling me to listen to his first warning?


I told you, I am BIG in JAPAN!

Third Stop: Kasai Station
November 25, 2012

Don’t ask me where I slept (or the lack of it.) Let’s just say I have realized to enjoy Tokyo, you have to live like they do! Wahahaha!

Kasai wasn’t really my last stop for Sunday. I dropped by GLOBIS to print my Preparation Assignment for Monday and to finish reading the Strategy case.

Thank Goodness I was able to finish applying for next year’s internship last week. The deadline is on Monday, so I guess, I have all ze time in the world….

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