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Running at Wako Park

September 8, 2012

This is the second time I got to run at Wako Park (or whatever it’s really called) near the Wako City Office and that seemingly Area-51-nesque army center north of Oizumi Junction. The first time was last weekend (please refer to the lowermost  picture in this blog entry.)

Woke up early but only had the urgency to don my running gear at around 7 AM as I braved the foggy Saturday air in Nerima, a temperature that usually sends me under the sheets in the tropical paradise I come from called the Philippines.

Yes, it’s still not thaaat cold. But I am that kind of person who has a low tolerance for anything lower than room temperature. Put me in an airconditioned room and I’ll go into hibernation for a week or even more.

Anyway, I really just love the park. I’m seriously beginning to like it here. On the other hand, so many parks, so little time….

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