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My MBA Application Essay: “My Statement of Purpose” #TheTokyoProject

August 20, 2012

I am a cliché with arms and legs, but with a will that is unwavering. I come from a country known to be a part of the Third World. We might want to deny it but opportunities for professional greatness and influence are only given to a special few. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. All my life, I have steadily gained access to a world previously unknown to me, my family, and the immediate community I belong to. From the time I was still living in the island of Mindanao until I graduated from the De La Salle community here in our capital, I experienced how education can gradually flatten my country’s social divide.

My six years work experience has given me important roles in areas of marketing, sales, and business development. Three years of my total work experience were gained while still taking up my Undergraduate Degree as a full-time working student. As such, this unique scenario gave me an edge in attaining a fast-tracked route to managerial positions in certain companies after my actual graduation. Unfortunately, this same amount of privilege also hindered me from attaining employment at an international level specifically in large multinationals because my broad current responsibilities are perceived by potential employers to be disproportionate with the amount of years usually garnered by regular graduates.

Although my accomplishments can speak for itself, most potential employers would shy away and it is this glass ceiling that has placed me in a situation of insatiable thirst for bigger experiences, responsibilities, and opportunities. As such, I believe I am more than ready to take on the challenges of an MBA Programme from GLOBIS not only to advance myself in terms of academics but to provide me with the international perspective, which several companies deem that I lack. I know that my unique experiences especially in start-up companies in areas of consumer goods and healthcare will prove to be very valuable not only for myself but for everyone else who I would get to share my insights with inside the classroom.

For my current position handling sales and marketing for the genuine Thermos brand, I was tasked to re-launch the classic brand perceived to be “dead” and “generic” in the industry. As such, I had to ensure that the new hires and the existing employees who would be reporting to me are on the same page as I am. I made sure that they believed in the power of the brand and that they see the feasibility of our endeavour. We started with the proper business planning, and as I guided my team, I showed to them that I lead by example by doing both “strategic” and “physical” functions, so as to empower them as they take on their respective roles. Fortunately, we were able to leverage on our company’s strength as one of those connected to the Philippine Father of Appliance Retailing. As of October 31, 2011, the genuine Thermos brand has surpassed the past year’s Total Annual Sales, has grown 26% YTD, and has experienced a profit for the first half of 2011 after a decade of unnecessary losses.

But what I will always consider as one of my most rewarding experiences was when I was the Deputy Vice-President for Publicity and Promotions for Green Team Pilipinas during the 2010 Presidential Elections. It was during this volunteer work wherein I first went out of my comfort zone and fought for what I believe in during a pivotal period of our country’s politics. It was at that time I realized that the youth was indeed the future of our country. Unfortunately, those who belong in the lower rungs of our society can easily be swayed by theatrics and still needed the proper guidance from people who knew better. Although we were partisan during the campaign, it was in support of a candidate which we believe embodied our ideals as a youth movement. Unfortunately, showbiz and the oligarchs had its way into the consciousness of the masses, and my country is still in limbo as it faces the usual roundabout of issues that a more steadfast leader could efficiently decide on without fear.

If I am fortunate enough to be admitted to GLOBIS, I know that the knowledge and experience I will be receiving from your institution will pave the road for me as I try to make my life and my career more than just a steady path to my own personal financial security. Being in my unique situation right now has given me a steady balance of enjoying the fine things life has to offer without me forgetting the fact that more than 80% of my countrymen live below the poverty line. Official statistics may decrease the figures to roughly around 33% of the Philippine population classifiable as poor, but I know for a fact that the society I am living in is in a worse situation than what the government would care to admit. But what is more disheartening is that our country is not deficient of the natural or human resources required for progress and development. What we lack are merely the leaders with the right mindset, a nobler purpose, and, perhaps, the educational background that would warrant such a high esteem and influence in the society.

I may be a walking cliché in more ways than one but I haven’t lost my meaning and purpose in life. Whether I will be putting up a company that would be both fair to the workforce and a business marvel by its own right, or be charismatic enough to enter politics and get elected in five years time, I will guarantee that this opportunity will not go to waste. I will ensure that my newfound knowledge and experience with your institution will multiply a million times through the people around me.

Education is the key, and with GLOBIS, no doors will be blocking my way.

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  1. August 20, 2012 1:24 pm

    naks, idol talaga tsong. hanep nose bleed hehehe. good luck sa #tokyoproject #TeamAquarius pride 🙂

  2. August 24, 2012 11:19 am

    Wushu! *rotfl*

  3. August 24, 2012 12:15 pm

    hahahaha. dahil dyan mag MBA din ako (Mag Bibusiness Ako) hahhahaha

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