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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises
3:35 PM, July 19, 2012
G10, Cinema 3, Trinoma
Quezon City

“So that’s how it feels like,” Batman said after Catwoman disappears into thin air in mid-conversation.

After watching The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t help but utter the same words of jubilation. A perfect ending. So that’s how it feels like, to see pieces of the puzzle finally fit altogether in one bigger picture.

In a world where the existence of evil can never be denied by the overflowing of good, and where denial is the most evil of all, Christopher Nolan earns my respect, no, my amazement, as a director. He came up with a finale that is undoubtedly realistic as most superhero movie goes, but still adds that glimmer of hope.

It is just both so sad and fortunate that the installment where the late Heath Ledger lent us his talent would still reverberate in this movie even in its most obvious absence. And yet, with a cast that reeks of brilliance to its very core, I am still amazed that even someone like me who have thought of all possible endings would still be caught surprised by the most final twist in the end.

As for Bane (Tom Hardy,) he’s seriously no Joker, but he packs a mean punch that can make you believe the pain that Bruce Wayne felt sometime in the movie. On the other hand, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman gives me the utmost delight upon proving naysayers wrong that she can never beat Michelle Pfeiffer’s feline legend.

But the thing is, the way she does her stuff is way different from the femme fatale that Tim Burton conjured in the 1990s. In The Dark Knight Rises, we see a Catwoman that is torn within herself. This is the reason I believe Anne Hathaway was picked for the role primarily because of Love & Other Drugs. She was feisty in that movie. In The Dark Knight Rises, she’s outgrown her Princess Diaries. She’s feisty and she can kick ass.

But lo, The Dark Knight rises is “not for everyone.” I watched mid-afternoon in an almost full theater, and I could see 2 groups of people who left around 3/4 of the movie. Maybe it was because of the script, or the fact that you won’t understand bits & pieces of what’s going on if you failed to watch Batman Begins & The Dark Knight beforehand. However, I think what would upset some moviegoers the most is if one expects the same kind of animated action previously showcased by The Avengers. Seriously, that’s not happening here.

The Dark Knight Rises is so much more than a gang of bad boys out to save the world. It’s about people who are at war with themselves. It’s about hope when everything is lost. Survival, after all, is for the spirit.


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