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Running at UP-Diliman

June 17, 2012

Enjoying Lemon Yakult Slush at Tea 101 in Tomas Morato QC after installing the tarpaulin for Manila Social Media Day below.

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes…. Posing2x after a run from Tomas Morato area until UP Diliman Oval. Yes, I’m crazy like that. So you can just imagine my “weird bowel sensation” while running. But no, I did not encounter any horrible accidents on the way. At any rate, milk tea and running does not and should never mix. *rotfl*

The iconic Oblation. No other naked guy sparked a lot of other guys to go naked and run themselves.  A worthwhile symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and, freedom.

For whom the bell tolls? I dunno really. Just a quick snapshot of Carillon Plaza before the rain.

If there’s one thing you’d know about me, I love to run. And chances are, I’d be at UP Diliman on Sunday afternoons. This is a part of my lifestyle and my urban scenery, which I would surely miss as soon as I leave on a jetplane. At any rate, who says I won’t be back real soon….

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