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Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Concert Live in Manila 2012 #SmartLadyGaga

May 21, 2012

Ever since the furor about Lady Gaga’s impending concert started to dominate social network websites especially the Twittersphere this side of the World Wide Web, as usual, dear ol’ me had a thing or 2 to say. I’m not a really fan or anything and I am only aware of her songs from the Just Dance days until Telephone, but one thing fer shure is I really detest self-righteous pr*cks who lord over others.

It’s not that I am anti-religion, my mom raised me well. And I do believe in God and He’s given me a lot even with the kind of imperfect life I live. But in this time and age of greater understanding and interconnectedness, it just pains me to know that even the supposed educated ones have the dumbest things to say on-line or on national TV.

But rather than express my opinion about freedom of expression, religion, and creativity, and inevitably find myself trapped in an on-line debate with the intellectuals on-line, I poked fun about the issue (pun intended, with respect to Poker Face) and ended up having 2 tweets that seemed to catch the attention of several tweeps:

#ThatAwkardMoment Paranormal Activity is trending in PH because a vampire & Lady Gaga are coming to Manila #MabuhayIanSomerhalder

#ThatAwkwardMoment Lady Gaga buys Goldilocks Polvoron for her family back home. Typical Pinoy Pasalubong! Welcome To The Philippines Gaga!

Disclaimer: The tweet about Lady Gaga and Goldilocks Polvoron is just, obviously, a “situational joke,” hence the hashtag #ThatAwkwardMoment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in my honest opinion, that’s the way it goes. And no, Goldilocks did not pay me to promote their products as a “Typical Pinoy Pasalubong.” So please, people. Lighten up.

This is why, upon checking a DM from Ms. Abbie Real of the Smart Social Media Team that she reserved 2 mosh pit tickets for me for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball, I honestly felt happy. I actually had a lot of stuff going on in my life lately, pressures coming from the past, and, hopefully, in the not-so-distant-future. Plus the fact that my Facebook account got suspended by some people who can’t just seem to learn how to simply unfriend or hide statuses of people with an opinion they don’t agree with, I actually felt like griping a lot and spreading my bad mood to anyone who dare crosseth my path.

But even though I rushed several things and had a quick meeting with an e-commerce group in Makati, today, I felt totally, excited. I’m still young, but I feel old. Going to a concert made me feel young again. Thank goodness I was able to convince Rb (aka Kidwolf) to join me in SM Mall of Asia Arena. Turns out this kid need little convincing for as a musician by heart (ehem) he was actually, to quote, a Lady Gaga fan. So I guess my friend’s presence gave justice to the privilege bestowed upon me in the form of 2 complimentary tickets, huh?

True to the mushy slogan that the peeps from Smart Communications decided to adapt recently, the thought of going to another free concert after the Biebs Experience made me quite joyful. It allowed me to “live more.” This is, after all, the 2nd concert I will be going to in my entire existence.

Once again, thanks, Smart, especially Abbie Real, for the opportunity to express myself during the concert. I badly needed something like this once in a while. Ever since summer this year started, I always planned to go out to the beach or something. But something always stood in my way. More often than not, that something is just myself not wanting to go out of my comfort zone.

Finding myself inside the behemoth called SM Mall of Asia Arena, I felt totally alive and at peace with my inner demons. I still have a lot of stress on my shoulders, but to the surprise of a lot of people, I’m not as stiff and as square in events like this, as what my darn necktie would make people believe. Come to think of it, I hope nobody caught me on cam “giving justice to the concept of a mosh pit.” Contrary to popular belief, I do know how to have fun.

I think this is what going to a Lady Gaga concert, or, in fact, any other artistic event, is all about. It is not about being inappropriate or doing lewd things. It is about being yourself, finding oneself amidst the chaos of this world.

Good night, world.

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