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How much do you really know about the SM Baguio Pine Trees?

April 20, 2012

It seems SM is now using the power of the Internet to gain support regarding the issue of the cutting (or as they say the balling) of the 200 pine trees on Luneta Hill. While checking my inbox, I saw the ad below. Of course, I had to click it not only to know more about the issue from the other side of the coin but also to make one Big Company (Google) earn from another Big Company (SM) through advertising revenues. I looove doing the latter.


Well, the linked page shows a video and the artwork below somewhat graphically represents how SM plans to become an ecologically responsible business. The plan, IMHO, is commendable, but perhaps environmentalists, scientists, and ecologists alike need to explain this further for me in terms of biodiversity and feasibility as well as the common sentiment that at the end of it all, will SM really do as promised?

I just can’t help on the headline below in red which seems to go head-to-head with the noisy social media furor about the supposed greed of the SM Group.


Now, we all know this is an attempt to use social media to level the playing field regarding the issue. Will anyone click like or tweet about it? Well, I tweeted.

Disclaimer: The company I works for does business with the SM Group. My opinion is merely my own and does not reflect that of my employer.
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  1. tricia permalink
    April 22, 2012 3:36 am

    I have seen those google ads nga almost everywhere, and to be fair naman with SM, it’s okay with me. At least hindi lang one side ang alam ko. of course sa mga news at Facebook, protesters against this whole earth-balling thing are everywhere, like what you said, it is always nice to know the other side of the coin, see the whole picture out of the box to avoid being prejudice. I like the video and infographics used, i also hope that SM will fulfill their promise and as a responsible citizen, we must all be vigilant to follow through. Sana lang medyo may further explanation para mas maintindihan ng iba. Kung mababawasan ang pine trees sa bandang SM, pwede kaya taniman ng pine trees yung bandang session road? or young bundok dun na puno ng shanties na tanaw na tanaw pag nasa city ka? okay lang may bahay eh, pero sana may puno rin. pangit kasi tignan na puro barong-barong lang nandun.

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