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Nescafe Espresso Roast

April 17, 2012

On the way to Makati for a meeting, I was greeted by a long queue at LRT Buendia which initially made my bushy eyebrows turn into a unibrow. After all, when one is actually rushing to get from point A to B in less than 20 minutes and in this HEAT you would want people to be more sensitive about making their own picket line at the turnstile for whatever gimmick they could come up as an excuse.

But lo and behold, as cheap as I anyone could ever be, my legs froze reminiscent of my dismal performance during last Sunday’s Earth Run 2012, as I saw one of those promodizers (certainly not the supposed “class A models” hehe) handing out Nescafe Espresso Roast ready-to-drink coffee to the exiting LRT passengers. I am a sucker for freebies. More importantly, I am a sucker for coffee. So imagine my delight when one of these promodizers gave me not just 1 but 3 cans of Nescafe Espresso Roast for FREE!

I am pretty sure they weren’t instructed to give these much freebies per person and in fact I am willing to bet they were told to give just one each but to the marketing people of Nestle should you get to read this, be nice to them. For whatever opportunity loss you might encounter with your outsourced agency with regards to following instructions they have heartily replaced with the more important aspect of “customer delight.”

At this time and age where everything is quite overpriced, I was somewhat happy to be given P45 worth of freebies when I least expected it. Much more, I was happy to discover that the SRP was only P15 which is quite justifiable if you ask me. At P15, I can honestly say the pricing is not over-the-top and that’s coming from me with more than 5 years of pricing stuff people would want to buy as a marketing professional. Now, as for the taste, I have to be honest, nothing beats freshly ground and brewed beans whether from your neighborhood Starbucks or from the provinces of Batangas. But once again at P15, you can’t complain especially if you are after convenience. Moreover, I must say the Mr. Brown Macadamia Coffee (distributed by IMF Wellness) tastes better although for almost double the price.

Disclaimer: I work for Collins International Trading Corporation, the exclusive distributor of the genuine Thermos brand. One of my former colleagues is the Marketing Head of IMF Wellness.

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