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Earth Run 2012

April 17, 2012

Arriving perhaps too early for my first 21kms, no, my first race this 2012, I am somewhat disappointed that my performance was quite disappointing. I think I finished around 2 hours and 50 minutes which is around 20 minutes slower than my usual time for the same distance.

To be honest, the lack of practice and the heat (oh the heat) really changed the game for me. I felt so out of shape and out of the game that after that intricate route within BGC before crossing EDSA, my legs gave up after the 21km U-Turn near LRT Buendia and I decided to start walking along Ayala Avenue all the way to the downward slope near the Net buildings along the Kalayaan Flyover.

At any rate, I lost around 7 lbs after that ordeal. I felt so tired even until now and my body aches like hell. Kudos though to the organizer who made such an affordable running experience at P350 for the 21km route. Even at such a low price, the loot bag, the hydration stops, and the post-event programme was still at par with the higher-priced marathons slash races from other organizers.

Anyhoo, more power to everyone and see you in next year’s Earth Run!

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