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Kidwolf Rock Your Brainwaves

February 6, 2012

During the good ol’ college days wherein Music One still occupied that vast expanse of prime retail spot at the second floor of the newly-opened Greenbelt 3, I have been very guilty of spending hours and hours of unproductivity listening to random music until that big blockbuster movie starts. Any of my friends would attest to the fact that I am a cheapskate, so I can basically count with my fingers the number of audio CDs slash albums I have purchased in my lifetime. Of course, of course, there was a time in my life wherein I collected Original Soundtracks for no reason at all (I don’t even listen to it, really) but that was the time people still wanted a cassette tape and we all still used a jagged #2 Mongol pencil to “rewind.”

Anyhoo, try as I might to listen to a “complete album” in one sitting, I would almost skip and press forward as soon as the music wouldn’t suit my taste. Of course, to say my own choice of music is a good benchmark of success in the music scene is bad marketing to begin with. Hehe. Even during the time I sported a Devant MP3 player or an iPod Touch, I only had around less than a 100 songs in it.

All in all, ADHD aside, I only got to completely listen to the following albums in one sitting: Air Supply’s Greatest Hits, Roxette’s Greatest Hits, Kami nAPO muna (Tribute to APO Hiking Society), Example’s Wont Go Home Quietly, and, event to the point of embarassing myself, everything Mika.

And so, when this guy I used to chat with over Facebook made himself felt again on-line after a long time of, uhm, no chatting, cynical-me felt something so darned artificial. Soon enough, he casually mentioned why he’s been so busy, and just like any other self-respecting artist would say, he was just perhaps too busy with his craft.

I promised to listen to his music soon enough, and, perhaps, had to feign some neutral reaction about his “masterpiece” out of decency. To be honest, this isn’t the first time “an artist” asked me to listen to his work and help him out this side of the planet or “like” his photography portfolio (no Joshua Hoby de Guzman, I’m not talking about you….) and things like that. I just wouldn’t name more familiar names in this post otherwise I would lose the little friends I have left. *rotfl*

And so, after a stressful day at work, while casually sending a BBM blast, I got to chat with this guy again and got reminded that I still owed him an audience. Truth be told, this guy had big shoes to fill. Having listened to Example’s Won’t Go Home Quietly as I rode the taxi home and seeing Madonna prove she’s still the Queen at the latest Super Bowl 2012 XLVI Half Time Show, I felt sorry for Kidwolf.

How can he ever compete?

But the thing is, he surprised me. I honestly expected something cheeky with a dash of an adulterated Justin Bieber in between (Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, and some more Baby….) Yes, his self-produced album still had a lot of “Baby” which can give this Indian woman a run for her money, but surprisingly enough, listening to his music felt good. Maybe I just have low standards “for a friend” or just got thrown up into a natural high with the nice sexy voices, but me thinks, the lyrics are poetic enough to give justice to the word “art.” If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging a lot of movies recently because I am thaaat busy, but let’s just say writing my piece about “Rock Your Brainwaves” was as easy as listening to Gold, Gold, Gold. As a “blogger,” I’ve never been known to write compliments or positive reviews in exchange for favors, much less pity. The guys from Globe Telecom or Eastwood Mall can attest to that. In an ocean of paid press releases, it pays to keep my ground of being perceived as a blogger who isn’t afraid to give his 2 cents regarding anything worthwhile.

I hope my humble testament can help catapult Kidwolf into the “scene,” wherever that is.

If this guy SomeDayDream became popular even with an overload of synthesizers on an “already catchy” song called Hey Daydreamer that awfully reminds me of Owl City, in my honest opinion, Kidwolf may be on the right track if he wants himself to be taken seriously. Once again, I’m not the best person to judge music, because I think I’m the only person who parties like hell whenever I’m in a club but wouldn’t shy away from bathroom jokes of a song lower than Andrew E.’s level. Moreover, I would like to emphasize that inasmuch as I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of YouTube videos, I’m still unsure if any of Kid Wolf’s tracks sounds identical to that of another DJ in some far-flung city somewhere out there.

At any rate, this guy deserves your attention. I took the liberty of writing in bold red the tracks I personally like.

Rock Your Brainwaves – as of 2/7/2012 1130 PM (Manila Time)

  1. Golddigger (feat. Arra Pascual, Miles Blue Sy) 04:41  (16)
  2. Freedom (feat. MIA) 04:10 (4)
  3. Dance Dance (feat. Miles Blue Sy) 03:37 (0)
  4. Bring Me Down (feat. Sol Static) 04:12 (4)
  5. Frequency (feat. Arra Pascual) 03:47 (5)
  6. Skyscrapers (Line In The Sky) (feat. MIA, Miles Blue Sy) 04:23 (186)
  7. Cameras 03:40 (7)
  8. Revolution (feat. MIA) 03:58 <– Cranberries? (9)
  9. Snow Soda (feat. Khael Lopez) (20)

And oh, just in case you’re wondering, I listened to all of his songs in one sitting….

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  1. Cool Kid permalink
    February 13, 2012 12:37 am

    i also listened to his album in one sitting. its all good. hope KidWolf become famous/successful, i think he desrves it.

  2. February 14, 2012 6:28 am

    nice music

  3. September 19, 2014 6:30 pm

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