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Immortals (2011)

December 25, 2011

December 08, 2011
08:05 PM
Cinema 1, Seat J13
Eastwood City Walk 2,
Quezon City 

To say Immortals is the same story over and over again is really tempting the Fates or the Gods to play with my existence. After all, having been molded from the same kiln that brought out the likes of the less-than-stellar Clash of the Titans, what else should one expect from a movie that promises exactly just that? Nevertheless, if we were to compare it apple-to-apple, I prefer this one compared to Clash of the Titans. But in an overall scale of things, this movie hasn’t made me into a Mythology geek just yet.

Moreover, upon knowing that the almost faceless protagonist is Henry Cavill of the upcoming Superman movie, it made me wonder how much should I lower (or increase) my expectations about him playing the Man of Steel given he never gave me enough wattage as he struck down King Hyperion and the rest of those unsightly army. If it were not for Mickey Rourke, of whom I have such high respect even after Ironman II, this movie would have been such an oxymoron for its title. Immortals, in my honest opinion, is a very forgettable movie.


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