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The Best Customer Service in the Whole Wide Globe

November 27, 2011

I was invited to the Globe Spike Event last week, November 22, which heralded the technological advances this formidable telecom challenger is in store for all of us. By a sheer stroke of bad luck, my postpaid line was “quickly” disconnected on that very same day of the event, after receiving my paperless bill via e-mail the day before. Ergo, I exceeded my P4,000 credit limit by around P500 given I had the P1,799 plan and was an avid Blackberry user. This was the reason the person who invited me for the event could not contact me hours before. I have, to put it in Jason Bourne terms, “gone dark”. Hehe. This was not the first time this funny incident has happened to me. During the Globe Tatt Awards, my Blackberry service was also disconnected as I entered the Manila Peninsula, which prevented me from live-tweeting or anything to that extent about #TattAwards. And no, I had no pending bills during that time. Anyway, I paid my bill last November 22 at Globe Business Center Greenbelt and got promised with instant reconnection within 1-2 hours. But lo and behold, my phone only became useful again come Wednesday night, November 23.

But the thing is, what I’ve realized after almost 3 years of being a Globe postpaid subscriber is that no telecom is perfect. I’ve worked for a telecom myself. I can quickly switch to other networks but chances are, the same problems that haunt me would still be there. So after doing my usual roundabout of business meetings and retail checks, I decided to proceed to Manila Peninsula for the Globe Spike Event.

It was in that event wherein the “funny incident” about Mr. Ernest Cu’s keynote speech only adds to my point that a perfect technology will never exist. It felt like Elliot Carver was about to throw a fit. But one phrase in the launch event instantly caught my attention: IT WILL IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE! To be honest about it, I heard one of the guys beside me chuckle. But for me, it was something to look forward to.

You see, I have a love-hate relationship with Globe Telecom. In fact, if only I already had my bonus for the year, I would have paid-off the price of the free Blackberry 9300 (P15,000 + P1,799) and downgraded my plan in a bat of an eye. However, given I have already prepaid 2 months worth of P1,799, the Globe Business Center guy I was talking to last November 21 could not seem to figure out how to go about my “plan.” Inquiry after inquiry resulted to a “not possible” or something to that extent and the only thing flashing in my head was “I don’t believe you.”

If only, I thought, I was at Eastwood City. You see, just like any postpaid subscriber (not just with Globe) I’ve had my own share of exasperating experiences with Customer Service. Explaining your case with whoever is on-line at 211 or @talk2Globe is as pointless as arguing with a taxi driver these days. But in a sea of doubt whether what I am asking for is really technologically or legally impossible to do so is one lady whose word I will not take lightly.

Without going much into the details, I have chanced upon a certain Catherine Narvaza at the Globe Business Center in Eastwood Mall early this year. I consider myself to be very patient (ask my staff if I really am) but at that time, I was just loss at words with the sheer {insert appropriate expletives here} I got upgrading my Plan 800 to Plan 1799 after 2 years of “loyal usage.”

As a marketing professional who has his own share of call center work with ICT and while handling the biggest direct marketing business for OFWs in Japan, I can confidently say that Cathy has mastered the art of customer service and in diffusing irate clients. But rather than backing down and putting Globe at fault, which is what other CSRs would do at times, she won’t, but she’ll seriously take note of your concern. Moreover, although she sometimes border on the sarcastic, it is because she knows for a fact that you are an intelligent human being that deserves an intelligent discussion. She won’t be condescending either and trust me when I say she’ll go the extra mile to see what she can do and if it is possible, she will do it. In short, in a sea of doubt and perceived laziness with other customer service agents and business center employees, if Cathy Narvaza says it cannot be done, I will believe her and so should you!

This praise is long overdue. In fact, when she solved one of my irritating problems before when I was still fresh from this m.globe Zombadings event, she jokingly mentioned I inform her boss about it when I said “you know what, I know a lot of people from Globe but it seems like you’re the only one who really understands what your company is selling.”  At that point, I walled up and thought, heck, why should I give you praise when you were just doing what you’re supposed to?

But now, looking back at that day of selfishness, I realized, it wasn’t that difficult to call her superior’s attention and mention how well she managed my concern. In fact, if only people would give the appropriate commendation as it-happens inasmuch as we all see negative tweets and rants about any kind of services on-line, we would all live in a world which may not still be technologically utopian, but at least, requests and concerns would be done with a happy heart. I am a firm believer of the Bible verse, “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” But if all the good in this world, or in this Globe, will be left unnoticed, who knows this unrotten apple may soon spoil in the barrel. And that would be bad for all of us.

Listening to Mr. Ernest Cu give his speech about a bigger, faster, & modern Globe Telecom network is exciting. But to quote my former HR professor before (Iforgothisname) all brands and technologies will soon be identical and the only thing left for companies to differentiate itself would be through its Human Resources. If only Globe Telecom or any other businesses has at least one (1) Cathy in all of its customer touchpoints,  that would make me more interested than all of the Gs I’ve seen in that Spike presentation combined. Well, although I know my LAMP and all that, I still don’t consider myself to be that knowledgeable about IT.

Anyhoo, congratulations, Globe, and here’s to wishing you the best for 2012!

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  1. mikel ramos permalink
    November 28, 2011 11:58 am

    I love the way your posts confuses between an actual praise or an insult. Based on my understanding, this is like an employee commendation letter?

  2. November 28, 2011 1:52 pm

    I’m sorry boy, but you’re one in a million! Globe customer service sucks!

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