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Tower Heist (2011)

November 21, 2011

November X, 2011
1920 PM
Cinema 1,
Eastwood City Walk 2
Quezon City

Tower Heist is that kind of movie that treads in the gray area of morality and gets away with it. Any kid who’s had religion subjects or stern parents would tell you that stealing is wrong. Revenge is wrong. But without divulging anything more of what is already an obvious plot, if you’ve seen the trailer of Tower Heist, you would most likely agree that this Manhattan-based Robin Hood and his Merry Men are about to commit crimes that would most likely and should land them in jail.

The story goes that this group of men, the Tower staff as led by one efficient Manager, Josh Kovacs (as played out by Ben Stiller,) was defrauded by Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda.) This feels so apt with all the recent disclosures about corporate greed and the worldwide financial meltdown. However, what makes this plot tick is that given the hands of justice should always work within the parameters of the laws of the land (unless your name is Leila De Lima) it seems like Arthur Shaw is about to get a free pass after all.

As such, Alan Kovacs with the other guys plot out to steal the “emergency funds” which is most likely hidden inside Arthur Shaw’s ostentatious penthouse suite. The planning, the plotting, and the actual execution, to be honest about it, is what makes this movie so fun. Yes, yes, shoplifting is a crime and it is for this very reason I watched this movie through mature responsible lenses. But maybe it is because of the clash among our id, ego, and superego, which makes everyone in the theatre squeal with delight as the film keeps rolling in favour of the “lesser of two evils.” For a comedy movie, it has one of the most stomach-churning skyscraper-rapelling stunt I have seen which can even put Cliffhanger to shame or put a lot of pressure on Tom Cruise’s Burj Khalifa feat for Mission: Impossible 3.

All-in-all, Tower Heist teaches us about responsibility, not only for the nefarious Allan Shaw’s of this world, but also with the people who leads the lives of “replaceable doormen” who believes that their dire situations are excuse enough to commit crimes. We’ve seen them all on TV. In fact, if we twist the facts a bit, even you and I would be a part of this. The world is unfair, the world is unjust. As what Henry Kissinger once said, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” Whether or not we stick with our principles in times like this is what makes the difference.

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