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Run for Pasig River 2011

November 21, 2011

Yesterday, the Philippines once again attempted to break a Guinness World Record not for the worst traffic congestion ever before 7 AM on a Sunday, but for the most number of runners (uhrm, participants) for a fun run. I don’t think anyone would ever contest the fact that there were like a billion people for the 3- and 5-km leg (yes, I’m exaggerating) so I’ll leave it to the official channels to find out if I was actually a part of a record-breaking event. Anyway, I was there with my sister, Mia, and Mia’s brother, Orange.

Anyway, I initially did not plan to join this event. After all, I usually shy away these days from participating in a lot of running events and just trimmed down my running slash marathon expense to just one per month. But given I failed to join the New Balance Chevrolet Power Run 2011 25 kms weeks ago due to an injury although “I already paid for it,” who was I to deny myself a free slot to this event?

Yes, I once again did not pay a single centavo to join this. Te-hee!

Moreover, given we were stuck in traffic en route to SM Mall of Asia, I was only able to start running around 5:48 AM. Taking on the supposed 10-kms route which honestly feels a whole lot shorter around merely 7- or 8-kms, I was able to complete it in around 38-40 minutes time. As such, I am pretty sure that 10-km route was shorter than indicated because no way can I break sub-40 minutes for a real 10-km route. In addition, I am unsure about my time because for some reason, the Timex-branded digital watch at the finish line was not working and I merely trusted my Blackberry to do its job. Anyhoo, thanks to Peerless Manufacturing Corporation for all the Champion Detergent Freebies they gave to me and the rest of the runners. In fact, if there was a storm at that time, I could swear all the soap suds would clean up Baywalk in a matter of time. To everyone else, “more powers to you!” A big thanks as well to the Heritage Hotel Manila where we parked and changed clothes after the event before we proceeded to Mercato Centrale to have our hearty breakfast. I had 2 cups of rice to match the mouth-watering Balamban Liempo Lechon which tasted like heaven.

By 10 AM, my sister and I were back home and what could probably be one of the most unproductive Sundays of my life, I slept all the way until late in the afternoon. Te-hee! Oh well, here’s a shoutout for Pasig River!

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