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30 Minutes or Less (2011)

November 4, 2011

October 29, 2011
08:45 PM
Cinema 4, Seat G12
Eastwood City Walk 2
Quezon City

Coincidentally, I decided to watch 30 Minutes or Less last week with merely 30 minutes or less to decide until the next screening time starts. Maybe it was because I initially mistook Jesse Eisenberg as Michael Cera or that the movie poster reminded me a lot of one of my fave 2011 movies, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, that’s why I purchased my movie ticket without batting an eyelash.

Surprisingly, the movie was a joyride. I say this is so, not only because of the witty script or the interesting plot, but also with the car chase sequence that can put the uberserious Vin Diesel to shame. What makes this movie fun as well is the fact that although the logic and the feasibility of the crime that was about to be committed was just sooooo unbound by rationality, it subsequently brings us down to the perspective of smalltown Americans, where, for someone who has never set foot inside the United States, seems to be awfully realistic. From the white trash angle to an interracial love story to that awkward bromance, 30 Minutes or Less may never be a hit to a lot of moviegoers, but for sure, it was a hit for me.


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