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In Time (2011)

October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011
Cinema 6, Seat J13
Quezon City

To be honest about it, I watched the movie “In Time” starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried with the expectations that it was a wannabe action movie. It almost felt like “Abduction” really, but unlike that werewolf-starrer which I actually skipped a few weeks back in favour of “No Other Woman,” the thought of seeing Amanda Seyfried again was good enough to entice me to give this movie a fighting chance. After all, given that this movie basically evolved around the plot of the scarce resource that is time, time was of the essence, and as such, I must see it on Day 1.

I was particularly aware that it starred Olivia Wilde, which I first got to see in House MD, playing the role of that dying medical student. However, I was surprised to find out the actual character she played in the movie within a few minutes into the film. Therefore, with that in mind, In Time heightened my consciousness just in time as disturbingly familiar faces appeared one after the other from then on.

There is Johnny Galecki, more popularly known as Dr. Leonard Hofstadter of “The Big Bang Theory.” He was still nerdy even with the supposed unshaven impoverished face. But he wasn’t funny there. There’s Cillian Murphy playing the role of Raymond Leon, the lead of the futuristic cops known as “Timekeepers.” I have a good respect for the way he played out his role at this time and age of corruption we are living in, which basically sums up my belief that he deserves top billing as Scarecrow in another Batman instalment.

We also get to see Matt Bomer but rather than having that dashing swagger we see him have in “White Collar” I love the forlorn look he depicted for the movie. There’s also Mr. Number Four, Alex Pettyfer, playing the role of a bad guy this time around. But if there’s one person to watch out for it would have to be Vincent Kartheiser from “Mad Men.” I actually thought Vincent Kartheiser was the young Tom Marvolo Riddle from the Harry Potter franchise since I couldn’t initially place him in a particular TV series or movie even with his familiar face. This was simply because I don’t watch Mad Men at all. Playing the role of the financial magnate, Philippe Weis, Vincent Kartheiser gave me the creeps. I can see him confidently playing a Bond Villain role in the future. Or, for the fun of it, maybe he should play it while his face still showed that disturbing innocence which ultimately is just a facade of the greed and evil that lies underneath.

Justin Timberlake as Will Salas gave due justice to his role, but to be honest about it, I think he was dispensable. Amanda Seyfried was better off as Sylvia Weis but blame it to ABBA why each time I get to see her these days starting from her role in “Jennifer’s Body,” I always assume she’d break out into a song sooner or later.

The movie has a good cast of characters but I think the really star is the concept. It comes as no surprise upon finding out that this was from Andrew Niccol who gave the world “The Truman Show,” “S1m0ne,” and “Gattaca.” To be honest about it, I watched the movie “In Time” with the expectations that it was a wannabe action movie. But it turned out it was a socially-relevant film disguising itself as an action movie. There are a lot of concepts in play when it comes to economics and the very basic human greed. This movie deserves more attention that what it is currently getting. The only good news is that it is still Day 2 for the Philippine Official Release.

There’s still time for everyone else to go watch it in the movies.


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