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Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

October 24, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3
October 21, 2011
Cinema 1, I11
Eastwood City Walk 2
Quezon City

If the Paranormal Activity series were actual ghosts lurking in your bedroom, you can just easily ignore Parts 1 and 2 and successfully go to sleep like a baby even with those 2 around. This same sentiment would undoubtedly be shared by people who have also seen PA1 and PA2 before, like me. So if you have seen the prior installments and have altogether decided not to give this third one a chance, this blog entry is for you. On the other hand, if you have neither seen or heard any of the Paranormal Activity movies, thank goodness for “tabula rasa” and continue reading.

If Paranormal Activity 3 is supposed to be a desperate attempt to end this trilogy with utmost pride and contentment for finally getting it right, I would have to agree that it has seriously made up for everything negative you’ve heard about it before.

Now, although purportedly a prequel, obviously to catch the grandeur that The Dark Knight ushered into the movie-going consciousness, I would recommend everyone to treat Paranormal Activity 3 as an independent entity (pun intended) that is taking a shower with you at midnight while the lights are a-flickering.  To quote the movie, you cannot “just ignore Paranormal Activity 3.” Although there are certain aspects about this movie that doesn’t make sense (or maybe it is because with 1 and 2, I wasn’t really paying attention thaaat much that’s why I am unable to connect the dots) just for the scare factor that it has to offer, it kinda succeeded in scaring the bejabbers out of me the way the human mind basically scares itself with its own preconceived notions of the Unknown.

Yes, there are strange entities in this movie that are actively and convincingly portrayed if that is your cup of tea, but what I like most about Paranormal Activity 3 is that although its presence was indeed disturbingly interesting, the waiting game which makes this film fall under “the infamous shaky camera routine” has a longer contribution than its more Hollywoodish aspects. As such, it is a good blend of seemingly raw video footage and special (or rather is it just visual?) effects.

The journey is scarier than the destination itself. So, yes, the scanning, the panning, the absence of Toby (who you’ll hopefully appreciate like Sadako soon enough) is more mind-boggling than the last 10 minutes of this film. My only qualms is why they had to treat this movie as a prequel for the failures that are Paranormal Activity 1 and 2. If I had it my way, I would have presented this movie independently by its own.

With this at hand, I would like to say as of presstime, Paranormal Activity 3 has dislodged Insidious as “the scary movie to watch for 2011.”



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