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What’s Your Number? (2011)

October 22, 2011

What’s Your Number?
October 18, 2011
07:30 PM
Cinema 1, H12
Eastwood Citywalk 2
Quezon City

Anna Farris is like a Spice Girl for me. Having first seen her as that stereotypical dumb blonde in Scary Movie, it’s quite difficult to take her seriously, just like any of the Spice Girls. Anyway, I initially did not want to watch this movie in the cinemas out of the notion that this is something not worth the P191 Eastwood Cinemas usually charge for movies not classified as blockbusters. But for some reason when I tweeted about Real Steel and all it’s glory as “the must-see movie for the week,” a particular on-line friend begged to differ. No, he said, it’s “What’s Your Number?” Soon enough, there was another one, and another one, totaling 5 people who told me to watch it real soon.

And so, to cut the story short, I watched it without any idea what to expect aside from what was quite glaring from the movie poster: 1.) Anna Faris; 2.) Chris Evans; 3.) the numbers; and, 4.) the movie tagline that goes “Ally’s looking for the best ex of her life.” I would like to believe I am smart person and so it did not take a miracle for me to put two and two together. To be honest about it, the tagline sold the movie for me, not only because for its sheer wittiness that is directly related to the movie (with or without the “s”) that you will find out later on, but because of the fact that at that point I finally decided to watch “What’s Your Wonder?” I was also feeling a little bit blue about failing one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 which dwells on the hopeless romantic side of things. I wasn’t just reminiscing the best ex of my life, but also feeling bad about failed romantic interests in recent months. As what they say, the letter that is most difficult to forget is the letter “x” and for all those who have loved and lost, you would most likely know why.

Anyway, back to the movie, the intro somewhat alarmed me because I thought it was gonna be like “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.” But soon enough, I began to appreciate that although this movie is a romantic comedy, it gives us, it gave me, a plausible reason-to-believe why Ally (played by Anna Faris, duh!) would be looking for the best ex of her life! As such, she did not just wake up one day and say, “I’m so bored, what’s my ex doing these days?” And so, from the intro, to the train ride, to the toast, there was a step-by-step incremental development why she had to review Misters 1 to 20, although for all intents and purposes, number 20, at that time, was already crossed off the list.

Now, what even made this movie funnier for me was because the current love interest of Anna Faris at that time was no other than Spock slash Skylar himself, Zachary Quinto, who just informed the world about his sexuality (read as gay) a few hours ago on that fateful day I watched the movie. To see him play that “only-hookups guy” with the penchant for the dogstyle really made me laugh. Soon enough, as Ally traced back all her exes, I just couldn’t help but burst into laughter after laughter with all of her dumb blonde antics that, to be honest about it, never seemed to grow old.

Although Chris Evans adds a lot of spice in the movie especially since he’s either naked or topless 99% of the movie, I could honestly say that he is replaceable even though his chemistry with Anna Faris in the movie is very believable. I say that with the conviction that Anna Faris owned this movie anytime of the day. If you’ve seen House Bunny, the humor in that one could never compare to this. “What’s Your Number?” may be an underweight compared to a lot of movies shown this week but just like an ex that clings to our memories of the hurtful past, just like with my case, who knows, maybe after you’ve seen this movie you’d agree that it’s worth checking out while there is still time.



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