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Real Steel (2011)

October 14, 2011

Real Steel
October 12, 2011
08:05 PM
Cinema 2, I11
Newport Cinemas
Pasay City

Real Steel is surprisingly good. No, in fact, it was surprisingly awesome. To be honest, when I first saw the trailer, the word “Transformers” kept on flashing inside my head. As such, with the openness of the CBCP with respect to the RH Bill, I said darn, what a stupid wannabe. This can never compare. #FAIL!

That’s why when I decided to see it last Wednesday while waiting for Spark Magazine’s American Dream event at Opus to start, it was more of a desperate act to kill time as well as the need to watch the movie since others seem to have watched it already. Without buying any snacks or even drinks to keep my mind off a bad plot (which I usually do by the way,) I entered the moviehouse with an empty stomach. This movie also commenced my first day of crash dieting to shed of some weight to prepare myself for my comeback to a full marathon for Condura Run 2012 (that’s an actual 42.195 kms, ok?)  and my first foray into the so-called Newport Cinemas which would say as one of the best in the Metro. But the thing is, as soon as Dakota Goyo appeared on-screen, I began to eat my words. This is gonna be one hell of a movie, I thought. What’s with kids named Dakota these days? Memo to me: Add “Dakota” nicknamed “Dako” to the names of my future offsprings Octavian nicknamed “Ocho,” Florentyna nicknamed “Flor,” Anasazi nicknamed “Ana,” and Ascott nicknamed “Scott.”

Removing all the obviousness the plot has to offer, one thing is pretty certain, Real Steel is a trending topic not because the goddarn guys from Touchstone paid for it to be a promoted topic on Twitter (or maybe they did and just compensated some paid-hacks to keep on tweeting about it which is somewhat a smart idea, really.) It is trending because I am pretty certain just like the rest of the movie-going universe, the Bad-Father-Worse-Son-Plus-Robots combination has appealed to all of our inner child.

This Hugh-Jackman starrer is an action movie, no doubt about it. The special effects is commendable and the way it presents a not-so-distant future is kinda believable. But what makes it extra special is the use of the robots in a world where humanity is said to be at its worst: the four corners of a boxing ring. After all, what’s more inhumane than cheering while 2 men knock each others’ teeth off? This is why when I learned about the plot I kinda thought it wouldn’t be as suspenseful or as thrilling each time I get to see our very own Manny Pacquiao kick some ass or that dreadful Million Dollar Baby that left me and the rest of the cinema feeling so sorry for ourselves. But how the emotions of Hugh Jackman’s character Charlie Kenton and his son, Max Kenton, as played by boy-wonder Dakota Goyo, showed the intricacies and delicate balance of parenthood can really move even the Tin Man’s metallic heart to tears.

You should definitely watch this movie.

P.S. Eminem should be a must-have soundtrack for all kick-ass action movies!



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