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Ramen Bar

October 9, 2011

Around a month ago, the official Twitter account of Eastwood Mall (@eastwoodmall) asked Twitterverse what’s their favorite restaurant in the area? As such, the usual food-connoisseur type of answers reigned supreme. For a split sec, I got reminded of Sambo Kojin or Choi’s Palace, but as the real meaning of the question dawned on me, I simply tweeted my answer: Dell’s.

People who know me or at the very least have worked with me would agree with my answer, not with the food of course, but with how I feel about the place. Dell’s Cafeteria is my comfort food. Although the passing grade for its food might be pretty subjective, I have come to realize that whenever I’m at Dell’s, the staff there always treat me like a VIP. I dunno if they already recognize me there (same as the other branches in Ortigas or BGC) but the things is, no matter how bland the dessert would be, the memories I have with Dell’s will always be sweet.

So, to cut it short, I won the contest with a bunch of other tweeps. The funny thing was just like several other people following me on Twitter thought I was kidding around, the marketing people of Eastwood Mall actually thought I was joking as well and in fact asked if I had any complaints about Dell’s over DM.

Once and for all, I have none and would continue to be one of their loyal clientele come payday or almost-broke season.

Anyway, soon enough, I received the anticipated e-mail from Eastwood Mall about my prize. But for some reason unknown to man, the e-mail indicated that although I had the standard sixty (60) days to claim the prize, the gift certificate I was bound to receive will expire by October 8, 2011. That sounds rather conflicting, right? Especially since Gift Certificates are supposed to be “expiration-less” per DTI for quite some time now. As such, out of the goodness of my heart, I have informed them about this issue. Unfortunately, my claims seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as such, I had no recourse but to claim the prize (I’m still a sucker for freebies after all) but would just simply inform people from DTI who are conveniently saved on my phonebook about this issue. Yes, I’m a piece of work. Deal with it.

Now, last Friday, after a very stressful week at work because of some incident that I had to “let go of someone” and all that jazz, I planned to finally consume the said gift certificate and watch Dolphin Tale afterwards. To be honest, I really did not expect Ramen Bar to wow me since having worked closely with Japanese bosses and having a perk for work before wherein I can just dine at Toki Japanese Restaurant and have my signature treated as good as cash, I have instantly found the likes of Filipinized Japanese cuisine stomach-upsetting over the years.

That’s why upon having myself seated, I merely asked the waitress to give me their popular food and mentioned that I will be using a gift certificate. People always tell me NOT to say you are going to use a gift certificate beforehand because chances are the service would suck. But the thing is, given my experience above and the desire to have them taste my patience, I wanted them to realize that no matter what you guys would do, the P500 worth of food I’ll be eating will not amount to much as actual sales after all, especially since I basically just won the darned thing.

But to  my surprise, the waitress, whoever she is, remained quite courteous, and even started a little pep talk (which I really don’t like by the way) when she noticed me taking pictures of myself. Later on, before I could even start tweeting real-time no thanks to the Blackberry Internet Service I was currently subscribed to, the appetizer I ordered was conveniently served. One look and one thing popped up in my head: Asado Siopao. Hehehe.

The braised beef or pork of that thing above tasted kinda salty, but I gobbled it up anyway. So I guess, actions speak louder than words, right? Up next was this noodle thing. I didn’t really like the taste, but I for sure would say at least it doesn’t remind me at all of instant noodles. Once again, the only thing left on the bowl afterwards were just bits and pieces of herbs and a cupful of soup. I must be very hungry. Hahaha!

Finally, I had the Tempura Ice Cream which was vanilla-flavored. I found it funny that one of the waiters actually thought I was asking for the freebie ice cream for updating my Facebook status to contain a pre-scripted rave about Ramen Bar that goes:

Ramen Bar is my choice when it comes to ramen and I’m here right now eating!

To all Social Media Marketers Promoters worldwide: Doing this might create a lot of buzz, but IMHO, it is actually very sad to pre-program positive comments and much worse if you have to reward people for tweeting and posting these prepared messages.

Anyhoo, after a few minutes of waiting, the finally gave me my vanilla-flavored tempura ice cream. Honestly, I was initially dumbfounded with what I saw because all that time, I was thinking of wasabi and not tempura. Hehehe. At any rate, the dessert was great and was actually satisfying to end what was surprisingly a very heavy meal.

All in all, I did enjoy dining at Ramen Bar. Although the food, just like Dell’s, will never please a more epicurean taste, I must says restaurants like this is more than a dining experience. The price is just OK if you’re looking for something other than fast food. And with an atmosphere that is rather cozy and staff that are all-smiles although you basically shelled out only P300 on top of the GC, Ramen Bar might just be one of my personal favorites in Eastwood City soon enough.

See, they didn’t have to make that needy Facebook promo after all?


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