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The Change-Up (2011)

October 2, 2011

The Change-Up
September 29, 2011
08:10 PM
Cinema 2, Seat H11
Eastwood Citywalk 2
Quezon City

The Change-Up is really a slightly dark comedy with all the references to sex, violence, bad parenting, and all that jazz. And yet, although I am the kind of person who wasn’t amused enough by the plot and trailer of Horrible Bosses to decide watching it in the cinemas, I found The Change-Up’s success in making me laugh out loud to be quite a remarkable feat. This is because while waiting for the movie to start, I chanced upon this photo gallery of Ms. Teen Cavite Model 2011 where, to be honest about it, the holier-than-thou and we-are-perfect comments already gave me a dose of guilty satisfaction. And so, if I was already rolling on the floor laughing way before screening time, how much funnier can a movie be so I can actually enjoy it later on?

Now, there’s no secret about the plot of this movie. And, even with the risk of spoiling the fun, no it’s not just a dream or anything like that. But what made this movie feel so good is that you actually see the sexy comic that has made Ryan Reynold’s humor & wit “hotter” than his well-defined abs. On the other hand, Jason Bateman was so delightful in “both his characters” that you can just sense that he was “sexier” and more confident when Ryan Reynold’s character was in his body and vice-versa. Hope you get my point. Now, to say Ryan Reynolds was as successful with the switcheroo might be too much an expectation to begin with.

The Change-Up will make you wanna seek a meaningful relationship after all the bursts of laughter. I would have hoped for a better ending though in both the plot and the manner of how the last few minutes of the movie rolled up before the credits. The Change-Up would have been my best bet for the movie-to-watch this week, if and only if, No Other Movie was in sight. It’s a good runner up really. Makes you feel like a kid and an adult at the same time.


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