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The Look of Style Awards 2011

September 29, 2011

Got an invite for The Look of Style Awards 2011 brought to you by Look Magazine, Inquirer, & Samsung this October 4, 2011 at Rockwell Tent, Makati. First thing that flashed in my mind. Goodness, what is “cocktail chic?” #FAIL Hope I can tag someone along. I don’t wanna feel so left out with all the skinny jeans. *rotfl*

UPDATE – October 05, 2011

I honestly am not a fashionable person. On good days, people would write on the back of that yellow stick note taped on my back that their first impression about me is that I’m “fashionable” right next to the all-time usual answer:  masungit.  If you really know me, you know that both statements are hardly thaaat accurate. The third impression, on the other hand, is that people think I’m a big fat liar. Hehehe.

As what I’ve said, I really don’t dress up and when I say I don’t dress up, it’s not that lame excuse some fashion conscious whoever usually says to magnify their fashion sense even more. In fact, if you live anywhere near Commonwealth Avenue, chances are, you’d get to see me in all of my just-woke-up glory. But now that I’ve said it and that I’m now surprisingly getting invited to these kinds of events, I might as well start combing my hair or something. That’s if, I have some hair left.

Kidding aside, I was just so amazed that Miles Alvarado and Roda Masinag of Cocoon Magazine slash Hinge Inquirer Publications invited me to “grace” their event. I initially thought that the “invite” would soon fall on distant memories because we met weeks ago and a lot of things have happened after that. However, it turns out Miles has a memory of an elephant and just to be sure, she emailed me my invite to the event a good 5 days to go last September 29. Alas, what was I gonna wear?

For some reason, as if people would care, I initially asked my Facebook & Twitter friends what the hell does “Cocktail Chic” mean? The quickest most common answer was the name of a guy I would love to abhor. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass. Yelch.

Anyway, I contacted Designer X on Facebook how much to have something created and it turns out I need a month’s time to get things done notwithstanding the fact that it would take at least a day or 2 for me to free up my own schedule for some darned fitting session. I visited the usual stores which would most likely be selling those jackets but just a few minutes in front the mirror, I just couldn’t stand to see me spending thaaat much at that time. Disclaimer: I’m cheap. Get on with it.

And so, I finally decided to use my latest jacket from ever-beloved Marc Rancy of Buendia, Makati, which, including last night’s event, would total to a 3rd event which I made use of such coat and tie ensemble. Eeew, right? But that’s basically an easy savings of at least P10,000 so who’s the smart guy now, huh?

Well, enough about me. After having my roundabout of things to do “while on leave,” I finally arrived at Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Center, waiting for my +3 to arrive, namely, Faith Salazar aka, Coy Caballes aka ThisIsCoy (Social Media Manager, Globe Telecom), and Winston Almendras aka BatangYagit (Social Media Professional, Globe Telecom). Yes, we have just been inducted into the fashion blogging industry with this event. Hehehe.

Anyway, to be honest about it, I didn’t get to eat or drink that much since I was too conscious….. of the time because for some reason, my dear friends arrived later than the already late time I informed them about. Turns out, the invite states 6:30 PM and yet I informed them it would start around 8ish. Talk about miscommunication, right?


As for the highlight of the event, which is not our Happy Lemon drinks which we just had to have later on, the fashion show dubbed “The Look of Style Awards 2011” was quite a visual feast. One funny trivia is that I actually vouched for the first designer, Lilia Yip, but for some reason unknown to man, she didn’t win any. Maybe it’s because her clothes were too practical vis-a-vis the theme? Hope it doesn’t speak much about my fashion sense, or, worse, hers. Or vice-versa. Hehehe. Anyway, congratulations to the main winner of the night: that elated guy in the picture above! I really forgot his name. Promise, I’ll update this ASAP!


Anyhoo, I also like that vertebra glow-in-the-dark design which I’m pretty sure won some award. The Tron-inspired circuit design was also cool to a certain extent. Needless to say, the girls, or shall I say, the women, were tall, pretty, and skinny. Sigh. It was such a quick event though. Just an hour or so and everyone was then rushing home just as soon as they came. For me, @p0yt, @coycaballes, and @chairell, we had our Happy Lemon drinks before the mall closed shop. And just in case you’re wondering, no cockroaches were mixed with our drinks.

We don’t believe thaaat story anyway.


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  1. October 6, 2011 2:33 am

    Hey, did you fatbooth me before uploading this photo? LOL it was nice seeing you dressed up, but hey, I’ve seen you like twice in your corporate outfits, so I wasn’t actually surprised.

  2. October 7, 2011 12:02 am

    Oh, wow! Fashion blogger ka na pala ngayon!


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