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Asian Dragon Mooncake Festival, Highlands Corned Beef, & Sony Ericsson Xperia

September 15, 2011

Got another invite for a foodie event! This time it’s for Asian Dragon’s Mooncake Festival at New World Makati City Hotel. Do I have to come in costume? No, wait! Can I come in costume? Which one would you prefer:

 This guy;

or this guy:

Or maybe, I’ll just wait until this Halloween?

Happy Mooncake Festival, everyone!

UPDATED – September 25, 2011

The Asian Dragon Mooncake Festival was honestly the first time I ever got to participate in such a “sophisticated” event especially one targetted to a very affluent community, the Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines.

As such, although I initally thought my enjoyment would be coming from the 8-course meal prepared by a top chef from China (Contagion, is that you?) it turns out the best part of the event are the special treatment I got from the Asian Dragon Magazine people special mention to Ms. Alma. In fact, the publisher of the said publication, Olivia Limpe-Aw, was even very cordial with me and personally accompanied me to my seat. So imagine my surprise in knowing later on that she was the publisher of the Asian Dragon publications. I felt very humbled.

Anyway, I saw some familiar faces such as Mr. Venchie (?) from dzcards of my PSBank days and beloved Ms. Malou from Rustan’s. I also made friends with the guys from Orly nailpolish as well. But what I really found cute was seeing one of the top execs (read as owners of the Primer Group) as simple as hell. I know a lot of people who act as if they shit million dollars daily. This woman exemplified humility and I was just in awe. (Disclaimer: I was offered the job to handle DC Shoes before which are exclusively distributed by the Primer Group.)

In fact, even during the dice game for the event, her eagerness to win the prizes can easily eclipse mine even just for that P100 Mang Inasal Gift Certificate. Anyway, to be honest, I feel so envious seeing all those elated winner of P10,000 cash and the highly sought-after 10+ units of Sony Ericsson Xperia. You know that awkward moment wherein you just know as a marketer that you are being marketed to, and you just know it’s beginning to work on you? That’s what I felt with the Xperia. Chances are, if my gadget-hunger continues until December, I might get myself one.

All in all, I went hope with 2 cans of 120 g Highlands Corned Beef, 2 six packs of R-18 vodka, 1 Luxe Cookies from Goldilocks, P400 Gift Certificate from Goldilocks, a lot of hopia, and a copy of the current Asian Dragon Magazine featuring Fearless Leader himself. If I only knew I’d be getting Highlands from the Asian Dragon event, I wouldn’t have bought one in advance the day before out of curiosity. All I can say about Highlands is that it isn’t as tasty as Palm Brand, but so much better than local brands. It’s not advisable to have it daily for breakfast though. And yes, the price is is around 28% more expensive per gram compared to Palm Brand Corned Beef.

I hope they still invite me for next year. Given it’s the year of the dragon, they might have bigger prizes for everyone. Who knows, maybe by then, I’d get extremely lucky.


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  1. September 22, 2011 12:25 pm

    Bagay yung 3rd costume! 😀 hhehehe

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