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Fright Night (2011)

September 14, 2011

Fright Night
September 12, 2011
08:15 PM
Cinema 6, Seat G9
Eastwood Citywalk 2
Quezon City

The only good thing about Fright Night is that it is very easy to criticize. However, should there be anyone who ever got to watch it and do so (read as “me”) would be like touching a flame and complain about the pain afterwards. Fright Night is basically just a mashup of Suburbia, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, and with a glint of eternity. It’s rather funny if you ask me, especially since Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in it. Makes you wonder if the other fellas, such as Michael Cera, would spring out of nowhere for a cameo or something.

On the other hand, I really do just adore watching Anton Yelchin, the innocent-looking fella who portrayed Clumsy in Smurfs, Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation, and Chekov in Star Trek,  in the lead role as Charley Brewster. As for Colin Farrell, I never really liked this guy both as an actor and in real life. I specifically hated him in that prick wimp of a role in Hart’s War. As such, perhaps, maybe seeing him play the vampire, Jerry, in Fright Night, is really the kind of casting I need. Objectivity and subjectivity at its finest!

Anyway, with all of the seemingly unheard of movies that turned out to be great that are still in the cinemas these days until the next big Hollywood blockbuster (or Awaaard-winning Pinoy indie), if you find yourself falling in line to watch Fright Night, it’s a clear indication that you have watched too much movies for the week and you really have to stop.

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