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Shark Night (2011)

September 6, 2011

Shark Night
September 5, 2011
10:00 PM
Cinema 10
Robinson’s Galleria
Quezon City

While waiting for this movie to start, I found it quite coincidental that news about a shark attack in Australia as well as the capture of a 21-foot killer crocodile in the Philippines spread like wildfire over the Internet. It was as if the world was setting things in motion to put myself in the mood, bracing myself for what could be the best or the worst animal-attack movie I have seen in years. The last one I actually liked was Deep Blue Sea, which I believe followed the same concept of animal-testing-gone-wrong similar to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Although I did enjoy Piranha, I watched it during one of the lowest points the lowest point in my life last year, which inadvertently may have altered my perception of the movie.

This is why although I was actually expecting a B-movie with Shark Night, I would be happy to tell anyone interested enough to watch this film that in my own assessment, it actually sits comfortably at the higher end of the plane. As such, I’d grade it a B+, plus points for providing us with the much-expected cheesiness which should really come with any movie entitled as such (e.g. Token Black Guy, Sexy Big-breasted Dumb Chicks, grainy-film editing, etcetera, etcetera…)  as well as the social relevance with respect to Web 2 dot zero.

I’m also quite interested with the film because it stars Daniel Logue, one of my fave TV series actors from Terriers. Unfortunately, just like Flash Forward, a show that I also enjoyed, Terriers got cancelled as well. Perhaps these TV series I follow are just too mental for the general American audience. Bejabbers! Gossip Girl, anyone?

I don’t consider myself to be all omniscient in all things celluloid but I believe the supposed plot of this movie is quite “new” given the inhumane twist of the evil-doers of the film. Moreover, as mentioned, the timeliness of the film is quite present much thanks to the references of the ultimate taboo film “Faces of Death” given that in this time of Social Media, we have all witnessed a lot of things worth sharing and, perhaps, things that should have not been shared at all from the so-called insolence of the uninformed to suicides by video chatroom. Hence, although sometimes I can be so pointless or bratty or mean at times, I do support the on-line campaign”Think Before You Click!” which is all about the responsible use of social media.

I don’t know how much more evil the human mind can hold, but the shadow of Hitler will always be with us even after decades and decades after his death. All I would like to know is the plot – the evil – of Shark Night might be cheesy on film, but it should be and remain just that. Whether or not somewhere out there this menacing deed does exist is something I don’t want to know or experience firsthand.


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