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Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

August 27, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love
August 17, 2011
08:50 PM
Cinema 1, Seat I15
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City

To say that I’ve seen Steve Carrell mature as an actor in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” would be an understatement. His innate acting abilities have surely grown ever since I’ve first seen him as Evan Backstabber – pardon me, Bastard…. Baxter, in Jim Carrey’s “Bruce Almighty.” And of course, who can forget his own version of God’s Divine Messenger in the pseudo sequel, “Evan Almighty?”

Although in my own honest opinion, at that time I first watched him build an ark, his humour for me was still a far cry from that of Jim Carrey’s omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent performance. However, now I have come to fully realize that maybe the reason I did not appreciate Prophet Evan that much compared to God-Understudy Bruce was because I always compared him to Jim Carrey ever since his career registered with me, albeit faintly. With “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” I have validated my earlier theories which first emanated the moment I saw “The 40-Year Old Virgin” and “Dan in Real Life” and that is Steve Carrell, just like Jim Carrey, is gonna be in a class of his own.

However, what makes Steve Carrell differ from Jim Carrey is that he dwells into the romantic side of comedy and it really works, at least for me. This is why even with the risk of going over the top, I would like to say he is surely going to be “the male Julia Roberts” soon enough. With that being said, Steve Carrel’s good heart which springs from his roles and, hopefully, in real life, is what sets him apart. If he’s a bastard in person well that only means he’s that great in acting because for me, Steve Carell is no longer synonymous with the word “dofus.” His name means “lovable dofus” in my own dictionary.

Second, his role as Cal has shown what a mature version of love is all about hence making it so dramatic that jaded single people like me just really can’t help it but believe in the concept of love the nth time around. Pardon the sarcasm, but we’ve all seen this kind of plot before: unhappy-married-couple-about-to-get-divorced-one-of-them-fights-to-win-the-other-back. However, aside from the minor spins (e.g. Marisa Tomei) and the so-called major revelations (e.g. What the poster with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Kevin Bacon is all about,) what I found very interesting in Steve Carell’s character is how he fought to win the love of his life back (which is not really so hard to do if you’re married to anyone who looks like Emily played by the lovely Julianne Moore.

Although the fixing-the-marriage bit was only successful to a certain degree because a lot of things were left unsaid, as bitter as I may sound sometimes through my statuses and tweets, I do believe love and marriage (which a lot would say as not one and the same,) is something worth dying for.

I remember 2 points from my “Philosophy of Marriage” class when I was still studying in the Ateneo: 1.) If you really love someone, you want them to change for the better; and, 2.) If you are in a marriage, you should change to make things work, hence divorce is never the solution. The movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” reflects all of that both at a physical and mental level. How it is executed, of course, is best left on-screen. You don’t want any spoilers, would you? Let’s just say with Ryan Gosling’s character Jacob, even yours truly learned a thing or 2 about how to amp up my vanity and my long-lost metrosexual endeavours. In fact, if I can’t control myself, I might sign up for a gym membership all over again in another attempt to achieve that evanescent six-pack abs. This guy below could be me in a couple of years you know less the double rice and all those chocolates that I eat on a regular basis. Hehehe.

I’ve seen Ryan Gosling in his other films such as Blue Valentine and Fracture and I must say his James Bondesque acting in this movie is just an icing for the cake to me. Although maybe, that was the point since he needed a “game changer” in his life which makes what is already a sappy movie sappier. I do appreciate the fashion and pick-up tips that would even put the guys of Garage Magazine to shame. In fact, thinking about past romances and people I actually miss while writing this entry (read as P.A.T.) I saw the errors of my dating ways and that is whenever you are in a date, the talk should be all about her, her, her, and her. If I can remember correctly, mine was all about my work, my work, my work, and, wait, lemme check my schedule, my work. This movie could save relationships you know inasmuch as it can finally build new ones.

Finally, I would also like to mention the cute yet misguided versions of what love is all about through the eyes of Steve Carrell’s kid in the movie, Robbie, as played by Jonah Bobo. This is really reminiscent to “Prom” and although there are certain instances that love does exist as such an early age as evidenced by grade- or high-school sweethearts that are still together decades and decades after. The likes of these people who are too fortunate in the Heart Department is quite insignificant a proportion if we were to contrast their numbers to the rest of the loveless world.

We all have our own definition of love. But yes, it is all crazy, and all stupid, when one is in love. This movie is a clear creative exection of one of my fave definitions of love and that is, it is a learned response. My favorite definition of love may seem to have initially stripped the romance out of everything. But come on, everyone? Isn’t it romantic to know a guy would do anything just to learn how to love you all over again? As such, if it is something you can learn, it takes time and effort to hone it into a skill. If it doesn’t work the first time around, then perhaps, you and the love of your life deserves one more try.


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