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Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

August 5, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
August 04, 2011
2250 hours
Cinema 2,
Eastwood Citywalk 2,
Quezon City

One of the movies that escaped me while still technically under production is “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Oftentimes I’d know tidbits about who’s gonna be in which installment, which classic is gonna be bastardized by some overachieving/underachieving director, or which book is about to be brought to life (all partly due to IMDB and Twitter’s Trending Topics). This is why when I first saw the full trailer of ROTPOTA before watching X-Men: First Class, it really made me gawk. This is because I have seen the original version when I was still a kid and the earlier rehash with Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, and Helena Bonham-Carter. Upon knowing that James Franco who gained my respect “within 127 Hours” is in it, I just knew this one is never gonna fail me.

Moreover, I was also surprised to see Tom Felton (popularly known as Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy) in the trailer. And, after watching the movie, I must say he’s really grown and quite convincing for the role, too.

I also thought it was gonna be Tim Roth all over again who was going to play the lead role of the revolutionary ape. Turns out it was gonna be Andy Serkis. If you don’t know Andy Serkis, maybe this precious fella can help juggle your mind:

Yes, he’s everywhere, playing roles best left for the imagination just like his counterpat, Ray Park. If I were gonna take up acting as a profession, I would wanna be the Andy Serkis or Ray Park of the Philippines of some sort.

Anyway, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is just a prequel and, a li’l disclaimer, the plot is not for everyone. If you’re expecting something more twists and turns from a movie with a title “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” you might as well stay at home or go *tugsh* *tugsh* instead. But then again, there’s the resounding “Nooo!” which really made me feel a bit of a chill the first time I heard it. Yes, this is a spoiler and I am so sorry.

When I say this movie is a prequel, I do mean it is a rational and logical explanation why a future with a planetful of ubersmart chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, and the likes, is possible. So expect another instalment perhaps next year, which, aptly enough, is the Mayan End of the World. Maybe that’s what they meant about the Doomsday 2012, huh? Anyway, what I would like to commend about this movie though – aside from the nice effects – is how the primate revolution was told. It was clear, it was concise, and it was convincing. In fact, on uberdepressing days, I would have shed a tear myself. This movie is a good reflection of the age-old Filipino saying that goes “Madaling maging tao, mahirap magpakatao,” which can be roughly translated into, “It’s easy to become a person, but it’s difficult to be human (humane.)”

This sentiment stems out from the fact that live in a country whose headlines makes me feel like we’re the animals and the fictional characters such as Caesar are not. Perhaps you’ve heard of Christopher Lao? How the media and everyone on-line (on some tweets, including me) poked fun of him only shows how we are already a planetful of apes. We beat our chests and guffaw at the expense of others. Schadenfreude, huh? In retrospect, maybe this movie is actually deeper than we actually thought it is. #ApesWillRise


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