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Thermos Philippines and Rustan’s Celebrating Health at Shangri-la Plaza Day 2

August 1, 2011

Thermos Celebrating Health (Day 2): “Growing up Healthy” features a health seminar for moms & kids by Dr. Cherry Catly-Santiago.

Photos taken by Denver Frilles and Jerann Pelicano

These are the genuine Thermos Foogo vacuum flasks that lucky kids such as this li’l guy in green below received during our Day 2 of Celebrating Health at Shangri-la Plaza with Rustan’s! All kids went home with their genuine Thermos Foogo vacuum flasks! I hope all of ye will grow up healthy!

This kid above in green is just so adorable. I noticed him patiently waiting just to have his Thermos Foogo vacuum flask freebie! He even said “Thank You” at the end of the event. Kids these days. Sheesh. So adorable and friendly. They’re unlike me. *rotfl*

New and improved floral centerpieces and table cloth to match the colors of ze genuine Thermos brand! Thanks, Cravings especially to Rio and Czarina!

This is me getting better with all this high-class public speaking, uhm, thing. Whereas I felt like a Nimrod with my Brand Presentation for Day 1, I actually felt comfortable this time around even though the stage lights were crazy. A few more opportunities like this and I might just really go into acting. Te-hee!

One of the cute kids who graced the event. Forgothisname (I told ye I’m baaad with names) but he’s the son of Denver Frilles, the Research & Development Supervisor of Collins International Trading Corporation.

Moms and kids flock to our “Growing Up Healthy” Seminar with Dr. Cherry Catly-Santiago at the Shangri-la Plaza Grand Atrium.

Mr. Marlon Aldense of Cook Magazine. I hope you enjoy your genuine Thermos JMK 501 MBK vacuum flask as shown below:

One of the cute kids dwarfed by the blown-up image of the uber-hot Thermos JMK501 MBK vacuum flask which has the patented Thermax insulation technology. Oh, we also gave away a lot of these double-walled vacuum flasks during the weekend-long event. One went to Chef Jonathan Bautista of Cravings who prepared/supervised the food for Day 1 and Day 2. I just knew he looked familiar. Eastwood Mall boy here, present! *raises hand*

Times like this I wish I had a Junior. No, that’s not what I meant you greenminded you! Heck, what does that make me? Arghhh! I meant a son! A son! A son!

Bryan Chua, Senior Business Unit Manager for Dowell Appliances. Thanks, Sir for dropping by! But I guess a bigger thank you coming from you to the genuine Thermos team for including your brand in all ze collaterals, huh? *winx* Soon enough, it’s gonna be payback time! Hehehe!

More moms! More kids!

One of the most heartwarming pictures from our Growing Up Healthy Seminar. Picture by Jerann Pelicano.

And once again, more moms & kids!

I have to be honest. I’m not a superhero (although I don’t think anyone has ever called me such) so although I was very hands-on with the conceptualization, the pre-production, and the execution, the Thermos Grand Launch wouldn’t be a success without the following:

    • Ma’am Julie Lim & Sir Nelson Lim;
    • The Genuine Thermos Team (Ginna, Aizel, Ana, Mark, Dominic, Maita) Yes, dinelete kita Maita. Harumph! *rotfl*
    • The Merchandising & Marcomm Groups of Rustan’s  (Special mention to Ma’am Ising, Ma’am Ria, Ma’am Vivian, Ma’am Malou, Ms. Peewee, Ms. Kat, and Ms. Aica, who else, who else?)
    • Ms. Shiela of Shangri-la Plaza Management
    • The rest of the Collins International Trading Corporation Family (Sir Reywin, Gab, Denver/R&D, Sherwin, Sir Bryan, Sir Lu, Melissa, Rose, Joanne, Andrea, Adrienne, Sir Roy, Jerry, Raffy, Tin, Tin and Jerann, who else, who else?);
    • Ma’am Christy, the Treasury & Audit Groups for allowing us to circumvent a lot and I do mean a lot of protocols just to get things accomplished on-time;
    • To Ma’am Sol & HRD for finding the best promodizers to be with us;
    • To Czarrah for spamming people away with me and finding out the best bloggers to invite for the event;
    • To Justin Paolo Mendoza who created a very fine cooking demo video in a wee short span of time for a budget-friendly price; and,
    • To God for not letting me get sick!

I may have forgotten some people but please bare with me, Care Bear?

Anyhoo, I just doze off today (Monday) because the effects of having too much caffeine and chocolate in my body for 3 straight days finally took a toll on me and no matter how much my sister, my mom, my dad, and Jimmy, and Julien tried, they can never ever wake me up.

Now, off to writing some press releases. Hope it gets published!


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