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Prom (2011)

July 21, 2011

July 20, 2011
2230 hours
Cinema 5,
Eastwood Mall,
Quezon City

I saw this movie late last night with the consideration that I need to watch something that would make me feel young again. Hehehe. After all, with all the stress brought about by what can one say as stuff that makes up the “adult world,” something produced by Disney seems to promise just that.

Anyway, I won’t expound much on the plot because honestly, it is nothing more than a love story between that kind of girl and this kind of guy while, obviously, on the way to Prom. All I can say is this movie has a few giggles if you let yourself loose a little. A lot of bromance even though this is an all out GP-fun. Moreover, although this movie might and should have appealed to a younger crowd, funny thing is most of the people who watched it with me are somewhat “older.”

In the end, Prom is a movie that can make you remember your first crush, your first love, and all those stupid things you did for the sake of love during a very young age. But fast forward into the future after all heartbreaks and pain, you should be wise enough to discern that the love this movie would like to showcase is everything love is not supposed to be.

Cue, Bittersweet Symphony.


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