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The Hangover 2 (2011)

June 10, 2011

The Hangover 2
June 10, 2011
2045 hours
Cinema 2,
Eastwood Citywalk 2,
Quezon City

Although I still at times censor words like f*ck and c*ck in my blog posts and tweets, I would be lying if I said that it still offends me. Just like how what used to be very demeaning or provoking words alarmed me turned into mere powerless punchlines, “The Hangover 2” is still buttloads of fun, but it is sadly (at least in my own opinion) nothing more, and nothing less.

You see human sex organs, you see alcohol, you see immaturity, you see lack of responsibility, you see blood, you see gore, and you see drugs. Heck, even PETA can even make a good case against this movie with how they treated that darned monkey. Even the LGBT can cite instances wherein “being born this way” was ultimately maligned and ridiculed at. Even the Buddhists and the entire Thailand can claim “foul!” Nevertheless, I found the movie to be quite amusing in a mature kind-of-way. But still, there’s a wee bit of disclaimer since I do believe this would be terribly insulting for Asians who don’t know better than to take a movie of this caliber lightly. Yes, “The Hangover 2” is insulting to Asians but seeing Caucasians act like retards in this film is more of an insult to their race than to ours (I assume the ones reading this post are Asians and, more specifically, Filipinos) if and only if we really just want to think that narrowly in this ever-changing world. Insensitivity and lack of understanding at a global scale, after all, is not something to be proud of.

Have fun, people. If you can’t then don’t watch this.

Moreover, if insensitivity would be the gauge, how they sorta disrespected the monks would get a high 8/10. However, if you failed to notice the final picture while the credits of rolling, I do believe it’s not funny to poke fun with this picture. But then again, this movie should not be taken at face value. Although it is rated R18, my opinion is, the stuff shown here is not fore very serious mature audiences. Just watch “Super 8” if you can only watch movie this weekend and then catch this on DVD.

Anyhoo, I must admit I initially fell for the supposed PR-spin about Mike Tyson’s tattoo. But just like c*m, secrets as big this publicty run were too hard to control from exploding. As such, although seeing the real Mike Tyson doing a song and dance at the end (no spoilers  there!) was still interesting, I already was half-expecting this ear-biting boxer to have a cameo at the end.

Bangkok is amazing. But with respect to this movie, it hasn’t got me yet.


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