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Super 8 (2011)

June 10, 2011

Super 8
June 10, 2011
XXXX hours
Cinema 1,
Eastwood Citywalk 2,
Quezon City

One thing I failed to mention about “X-Men: First Class” is how I adored its snazzy ENIAC-powered look and feel. With all the James Bondesque cravats and light emitting diodes, one can just feel so either terribly very old, or, unmistakably very young depending on how one perceive the word “age” in its verybasic meaning. As such, being fortunate enough to have the foresight to watch “Super 8” first before anything else (and that would be “The Hangover 2” in about an hour or so after this particular movie), which is the latest creation of the wonderful J.J. Abrams and the legendary Steven Spielberg. The movie is still set at the time when the Soviets are still the usual suspects in everything that goes wrong in America. And so, coming from scenes wherein Magneto has just released Emma Frost from prison, Super 8 would make a very good choice for the sake of continuity.

To be honest about it, with the likes of A.I. and Minority Report in mind, I was kinda in the middle whether or not this movie would make me loathe or love Steven Spielberg even more. Remember how M. Night Shyamalan’s directing career seemed to have gone downhill after he literally destroyed “The Village?” Yes, it was a movie about fear and not about real monsters but let me just rant about how wonderful that movie would have been if it ended with the latter and not the former! Yes, that’s how worried I was that even though the trailer for this movie was a-a-awsome and i-i-interesting, I cannot fully commit myself into believing that this is gonna be a sureshot worth-it movie, just like, uhm, “X-Men: First Class.” The little push I needed came from J.J. Abrams whose genius gave birth to some of my favorites like “Fringe” and that very controversial instalment of the “Star Trek” series which appealed to a lot of non-Trekkies (like me) and alienated the hard-core fans. Pun intended.

Anyway, to sum it nicely, if the title “Super 8” is supposedly the self-proclaimed measurement of a narcisstic guy’s c*ck, trust me, it would be underrated. This movie just really blew me away (not blow, and, no, pun not intended). Maybe part of the reason I really adore (yes, the word is adore!) this movie is the fact that I really expected the worse and another part is due to the fact that I basically know nothing about it outside of its official movie trailers which I have seen merely in cinemas before the actual movies I paid to watch. But, just a few minutes into the film, and I could honestly pat myself on the back and say that yes, baby. I am about to have a grand time.

Nevermind the very mind-blowing special effects which is quite a given in a movie that has the names J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg plastered all-over its posters. The train wreck, I must say, is really adrenalin-pumping. Nevermind the very cool soundtrack that can also make you dig disco and miss the “Walkman.” What I love most about this film is the film within the film since during the duration of this movie, the main characters of “Super 8” are trying to make their own entry to a film festival. Needless to say, guys, please stay and watch the said “fiction film” while the credits are rolling. It’s gonna be fun!

Now, I must commend 2 intrinsic things about “Super 8” which I believe really deserves to get noticed. First of all is the scriptwriting, which, for what could generally be an all-family movie, is really filled with fun and a lot of realism. It even has some of the most memorable movie quotes I could think of such as “Would I be so cruel if I start a relationship with a favour?” or “Drugs are sooo bad” and that very cheeky “I was only trying my best to save you.” The quotes might not be verbatim though because although I tried to Google the exact line, nothing relevant is showing as of blogtime.

This is a kid’s movie. Heck, in fact, the other people in the cinemas probably watched “Super 8” because they cannot get passed the R-18 rating of “The Hangover 2.” But I believe, just like me, they made the right choice. Although 90% of the cast are still not shaving, the acting is really really good. Joel Courtney (Joel Lamb), Ryan Lee (Cary), Riley Griffiths (Charles), and Gabriel Basso (Martin, who I would like to refer to as the young Matt Damon) were just so into their characters even during the times when they were supposed to “suck in acting.” As for Elle who played Alice Dainard, what else can you expect from one of the Fannings?

Even with the risk of overselling it, I am campaigning for everyone to go watch this movie. Super 8 is not a thriller. Super 8 is not fantasy. Super 8 is not sci-fi. Super 8 is not comedy. However, it is everything you would not expect from any other GP movie. Believe me when I say, although initially at first it might seem a lightweight, to quote Manny Pacquiao, “little guys can pack a punch!


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