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Insidious (2010)

June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011
1930 hours
Cinema 7,
Robinson’s Galleria,
Quezon City

Hmmm…. Insidious isn’t really scary. To be honest about it, I don’t think anyone can still make a terribly scary movie these days with all the consciousness of special effects and all the works. That is, unless, you’re still a kid or someone who’s never been touched by a TV (not in a Sadako kind-of-way, of course) all your life. However, I would still like to commend the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity for making some very frightening nerve-wracking interesting scenes in the movie such as (read as spoiler alerts!!!this one and this one.

I do believe that maybe with a different cast altogether, this movie would be more effective as a, uhm, suspense-horror flick. After all, having just seen X-Men: First Class, all I could see is Moira MacTaggert canoodling with Nite Owl II while my mind was floating all over (ala astral projection, by the way, which was the underlying point of this movie) regarding where, oh, where, did I see this woman. The last 20 minutes was also sorta an anti-climax. It was kinda reminiscent of Season of the Witch and Drag Me to Hell altogether since the movie lost its li’l bit of chill-factor in the end and was funny in some scenes yet makes you wonder if that was the intention of the director, or not. And of course, the supposed twist at the end was so expected, I would have been more surprised if nothing of that sort was offered at all.


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