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Yahoo! Pitong Pinoy Seven Filipinos

June 2, 2011

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

I made this very quick write-up about why we believe Heidi Mendoza should be one of Yahoo! Philippines Pitong Pinoy (Seven Filipinos) awardee for modern-day heroism:

Nevermind she’s a self-proclaimed witch-to-the-max or that she loves Hello Kitty, Heidi Mendoza is a true testament to the age-old saying that in order to succeed, you need to fight fire with fire. Corruption in the Philippines is a very deadly issue. A lot of whistleblowers have come and gone and even some, sadly, perished. However, her stand regarding the mismanagement of AFP funds was a breath of fresh air. This is because in the midst of all the ruckus and politicking, she was not “a mere victim of a thriving culture of corruption” nor was she “one of the guilty parties who conveniently had a last-minute wake-up call” just before certain issues went public. Rather, she made headlines because she’s great with what she does. She exemplifies the kind of public servants, the kind of Filipinos all of us should become: honest and efficient. The unwavering support she got from her fellowmen proves that even after all the usual media hype, Heidi Mendoza is indeed a modern-day heroine. With her appointment as COA Commissioner, perhaps the dream of a progressive and transparent Philippines is no longer as crazy as it seems. We support you, Heidi Mendoza.

Hopefully my writing skills would help convince the Yahoo! peeps why she deserves such distinction. Not that this lady needs it though. My writing, not the award. Or maybe, both.


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