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Something Borrowed (2011)

May 14, 2011

Something Borrowed
May 12, 2011
2000 hours
Cinema 5,
Eastwood Mall,
Quezon City

I watched “Something Borrowed” starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski (I love this guy from The Office), Steve Howey, and Ashley Williams (Crazy!) at Eastwood Mall last Thursday. I initially wanted to catch Fast Five but after seeing the exorbitant ticket prices, I decided to hell with it anyway. After all, I have never really seen the first to fourth installments of the Fast & the Furious series, so why start now, right? In short, I got to watch this movie as a Plan B. The path of least financial resistance on a lazy Thursday night.

So to that fella who thought I was able to read the book beforhand that’s why I ended up watching this one, nope I haven’t. In fact, I wasn’t even aware it was based on a book. I don’t read mushy books (e.g. Eat, Pray, Love, Puke) although I have been caught once with one entitled “After All These Years” which, I would like to clarify, is far from a romance novel.

Although the most prominent castmember is the spawn of Goldie Hawn, I must say she really isn’t the protagonist in the film. To say she’s the antagonist, may be too extreme. Let’s just say she’s the life of the party – the life of the movie – and I must admit she’s perfect for the role.

Anyway, I think eez waz soo romantique!!! I watched it alone, by the way, so don’t you guys give me that *wink, wink* approach. I’m not really into love stories although currently I’m hooked with The Vampire Diaries. But then again, The Vampire Diaries is not your stupid Twilight franchise, so that may be more proof to the contrary. On the other hand, the only other romantic movie I could ever really think of are Wicker Park (the Josh Hartnett version and not the one wherein Monica Bellucci got blown to bits although I still adore the latter), Rio ,My Sassy Girl (Korean Version), and Bangkok TRAFFIC Love Story. This means, when I say this movie is romantic, I think so because of the plot and not because I was HHWWAMPKKP (Holding Hands While Watching A Movie Pa-Kiss Kiss Pa!)

Now, should you be bothered what movie to watch this weekend, I suggest you watch this instead of Fast 5 or Priest. The plot isn’t new and so are its heartaches and pains, but what do you really expect out of love? Love and heartbreak is the same shit over and over again. To quote one favorite status update I saw before, “Old jokes get tired easily but the same lousy reasons can always break a heart.” Seriously though, this movie is a wake-up call for people out there (not me) to make your move and think about all the opportunities missed just because you’ve jumped into conclusions too frequently in your lives.

Live and let love.

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