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Priest (2011)

May 14, 2011

May 13, 2011
2030 hours
Cinema 3,
Eastwood City Walk 2,
Quezon City

I hurriedly watched Priest last night as my celebratory celebration (?) for a Payday Friday the 13th right after leaving work. Anyway, talk about bad luck. Just like with the real priests that celebrates a Holy Mass, I had to actively keep myself from falling asleep. My intentions were pure but it must be the heat. I really thought this was gonna be one hell of a movie, but it really fails to “deliver” (Pun intended with respect to the ending.) As for the actual Celebrants in the Mass, I really do try my best to participate but sometimes, unconsciously, my thoughts just drift afar. I’m not a self-righteous prick, I would just like to get that out in the open. Seems people think I am when I tweeted this yesterday:

@kingdelrosario Twitter is very Christian. You have to follow first to be followed. The more you follow, the more followers you get. Unless you’re evil.

I also found it very exasperating to hear over-the-top shrieks from people each time a so-called vampire appears out of nowhere. Awww, come on. Even Scream 4 pulled this trick so much better. It doesn’t help as well that those guys behind me keep on commenting about each and every scene such as “Oh, it’s that guy from The Da Vinci Code – hawtness (I consider this to be a very weird statement, if you ask me)!” and “Oh, it’s that guy from Burleque – hawtness!” If I wasn’t too tired and sleepy from performing a trade check in the Alabang Area earlier, I would have added stuff like “Yeah, Paul Bettany also portrayed an apocalypictic angel for Legion and Christopher Plummer also portrayed vampire roles in the past which makes the cast very interesting.” To top it all, it’s pretty obvious the Priests can kick Vampire asses since they have Nikita by their side!

Anyway, the plot is very lame and although the trailer was really kinda interesting, I am willing to bet you’d find the actual movie to be kind of anticlimactic. So my main review of the movie pretty much boils down to this same sentiment: it’s downright gloomy and boring. It’s funny though that while watching this movie, I just couldn’t help but connect this to the debate over the Reproductive Health Bill. After all, with strong and controversial statements such as “To go against the Church is to go against God.” and threats of excommunication, people like Carlos Celdran and our dear Fearless Leader comes to mind.

Now, to go back in topic, should you be bothered what movie to watch this weekend, I suggest you watch “Something Borrowed” instead.

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