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We Support You, Heidi Mendoza Kape2x at the Occupational Safety & Health Center

May 11, 2011

Last May 8, 2011 while most of the world celebrated Mother’s Day (including yours truly); and while most of the union between boxing enthusiasts and Filipinos in the Venn Diagram of life watched Manny Pacquiao’s latest clash against a potential boxing retiree, Shane Mosley, a group of around 80 concerned citizens of the Republic of the Philippines had a humble get-together at the Occupational Safety & Health Center situated at the corner of Agham Road and North Avenue in Quezon City. That’s the very curious-looking building with the big, bad, bold letters outside which reads: OSHC. Oh, Occupational Safety & Health Center. That’s what it meant all along!

Anyhoo, here’s our group picture. If you don’t know (and I’m pretty sure you don’t), we’re the people who frequent this Facebook Support Group called “We Support You, Heidi Mendoza,” which is currently in transition.

And oh, notice the very alarming ghost in the picture? Freaky!

Join our group if you feel like it.


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