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Sofitel Moonlit Run 2011

May 11, 2011

After 10 long months of absence from the usual running events, I finally decided to yield and participate in one last May 7, 2011 simply because the tickets were given to me and my sister for free. As you know, I am a sucker for freebies. I must admit I am no longer as hardcore as I was before whereas I can readily run a span of 25 kms anyday without batting an eyelash (Yes, I was that arrogant. Or, wait a minute, maybe I still am!) that’s why the maximum distance of 10-kms for the Sofitel Moonlit Run 2011 was challenging enough for me without the possibility of me ending up with a bruised ego. That matters in every potential comeback, you know!

As you can see, I usually finish 10-kms in 55 mins or less before. However, due to the lack of physical activity since I resigned from my last job, I seem to have deteriorated as a would-be athlete weekend runner and although I can still run a good ol’ 10-kms non-stop, my speed has dropped down to a wee 1’05” on very good days. At 15-kms, I can still be on the go but cursing heaven and hell with each and every step.

And so, with the usual Cobra Energy Drink, Snickers, and Mars in hand, my sister and I drove to the Boom-na-Boom Complex after watching a couple of DVDs (it was DVD weekend after all) since the event was planned to start by 6 PM. Anyway, I would like to share that during this event, my sister was able to view one of the rare instances I seem to have blown my top off in straight English. If you don’t know, I am usually more comfortable in Bisaya or Tagalog/Filipino conversationally, but at that time, the people manning the desk really got in my nerves. You see, my sister ran 5-kms (as this was her first time in her very short time of outdoorsy slash athletic-related spree in recent years) and I enlisted myself for 10-kms. Since my sister forgot to ask which Race Number was assigned to whom, I cordially (Yes, I am pretty sure I even smiled) which numbers was assigned to whichever distances.

But lo and behold! The first guy who replied to my query merely discredited my concern saying “it doesn’t matter.” Patient as I always am – believe-it-or-not – I then transferred to another table where 2 very lively ladies were seated and once again asked from the bottom of my very friendly heart. I still got the same reply. At that point, I had no choice but to check for myself in the actual participant list the actual race number assigned to me or my sister and told them “there is a reason why race numbers exist and registered beforehand otherwise there wouldn’t be a point at all why all of us even have to bother producing these bibs in the first place!

I must say, the 2 ladies were taken aback, but I was really just irritated about the fact that either a.) people thought I was that kind of runner of doesn’t even care about technicalities (wushu!), equality, and fairness; and b.) they weren’t very helpful given ticket prices were at P2,000 although technically we didn’t pay for it. Hehe. But come on, somebody else did pay it for us! Yes, it’s just a fun run and not a timed race, but even though I know for sure I won’t be winning your Soleus freebies, I’d like to check my potential accomplishments later on and be happy that it was properly documented. As a marketer (here I go again), it pains me that events such as these are ruined at a personal level by staffs that doesn’t seem to really give a flying shit at all. Worse, this event was a fundraising event for charity to benefit Virlanie. If the branding and customer feedback scare doesn’t get to you, hopefully those kids running around in the event area should! Have they no heart? Te-hee! No, seriously.

Anyhoo, come starting time, I ran and ran and ran, and for the first time in my life, I felt competitive all over again. The turnover of the event was rather low since there are rather less than 100 runners for the 10-kms run and around less than a 1,000 for the entire event. I might be wrong though, I’m quite lousy in estimating headcount. Hehehe.

The route by the way really tested me all over again since it was my first time to take on the MOA route. As such, I had no idea how many loops, turns, and whatnots to expect before the glorious dash to the finish line. I could feel my legs and thighs ache and it really doesn’t help that the roads were dusty, the pavement was hot, the air was humid, and the floodway smells like real shit. I was just happy though that I seem to be faster than usual (read as faster than 1’05” for a 10-km route) and so I was just so happy when I was already in my last 2-3 kms before the finishline. As the saying goes, I could almost smell and taste victory. Pun intended, since I also forgot to mention that there was an Eat-All-You-Can buffet afterwards.

But as fate would play with us or God Almighty himself, Typhoon Bebeng with all it’s might and killjoy abilities literally rained on my parade. This led to my 3rd irritation with the organizers of the event. Sure, sure, this is just a fun run and not a timed race. But come on, wouldn’t a contingency to at least leave the digital watches in place for the benefit of the rain-drenched participants be of existence? Between knowing my actual time and getting to eat 2 plates of meat, fish, and lamb plus 1 plateful of desserts, I would really prefer the latter. But kamptotinkopit, the food was quite effective in fizzling my temper.

Anyway, while I ate and ate and ate, I could notice that most of the food was left untouched. I would have wanted to take some more lamb in a doggy dog bag for, er, my dog, but I realized, I still have some reputation to save after all. Hehehe. I just hope though the organizers saved the food for the streetchildren or something, which were actually the beneficiaries of the event. Eat-All-You-Can post-race party. Talk about a useless combination. It seems like with the exception of at most 9% of the people there, most of the participants were still watching out for their figures.

Oh well, more meat for me!

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