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M Magazine

April 28, 2011

Woah! This is quite funny. Answering via Facebook Mobile, my answers were quite choppy and truncated. I never knew they would lift and print it verbatim. I’ll just charge this to experience for now although I think this is the sixth time I got sorta featured in a magazine. If I remember correctly, I also answered via Facebook Mobile for 24/7 Magazine before about my so-called Favorite Restaurant which led to the same result on print.

Worse, some people may find this “exposure” to be quite ridiculous because although I do hail from Tagum City and have been to Mati, Davao Oriental several times, I really don’t consider myself to be much of a beach person. In fact, the last time I’ve been to the beach was around May 2006 in Puerto Galera and I just waded in the water 30% of the time and spent the rest of my time there sleeping. Worse, I was only there overnight. Te-hee!

People who actually know me would vouch for the fact that my idea of a vacation is sleeping all day or watching too much DVDs with a pack of Snickers, pancit canton, and Coca-Cola. Although I’m sorta treading in the world of white lies about my so-called Leonardo DiCaprio moments (The Beach. Somewhere on this planet it must exist), that doesn’t mean Mati, Davao Oriental isn’t as great as I described it to be.

If you don’t believe me, trust Google. If not, pack up your bag and suntan lotion and head over there yourself!

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