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Rio (2011)

April 25, 2011

April 20, 2011
1945 hours
Cinema 2,
Eastwood Cinema,
Pasig City

After watching animated features like Tangled and the Princess and the Frog, I must say I really have given up on cartoons as being good enough to amuse me. The last one that really tickled my fancy was How to Train Your Dragon and the funmeter really didn’t go crazy even at that time.

Then came Rio. I watched this one with no expectations aside from the commercialized toys I get to be exposed from thanks to McDonald’s. Wow, it really cheered me up. It’s a great movie. A funny one with a cool soundtrack even. Heck, if you’re that lucky, Rio could have been that date movie. Too bad for me, I was stuck with me, myself, and I, and that screaming of a child which irritated the rest of the moviehouse come midway into the movie (Thank goodness the parents felt obliged to leave the premises after a few quick glances from me and the rest of the world. Sorry, couldn’t help it! Made me wonder though why the parents thought it was just okay for the kid to stay.).

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Rio, I highly suggest you catch it at the cinemas before it’s gone for good. Just like the Blue Macaw, you guys may still have a chance. Rio is one great movie. I’m telling the world….

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