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March 18, 2011

It seems like Commonwealth Avenue, specifically St. Peter’s Parish St. Peter Parish has become one of the prominent battlegrounds for the hotly-debated Reproductive Health Bill or RH Bill. After all, government institutions like the Sandiganbayan and the House of Representatives are just a few blocks away.

Anyway, these are the Anti-RH Bill banners that are now prominently displayed at the facade of St. Peter Parish. Only God knows how the actual mass and the homilies are being used inside its doors as a more potent tool against the supposedly Anti-Life, Anti-Love, Anti-Marriage, and Anti-Family legislation.

Just last March 08, 2011, the other side of the coin had their own Pro-RH Bill Rally at the same area, that is, in front St. Peter Parish. The rally, I believe, was headed by HOMENET Philippines. This is why I think the rather strong and quite discomforting banners prominently displayed at St. Peter Parish is just a show-of-force from the Catholic Church and the CBCP. This is their territory, after all.

I believe both parties have the same vision but are just taking different roads. Regardless which side you are with lest we not forget that the winner in this battle should be the Filipinos who are in dire need of proper guidance about Reproductive Health. Just look around to see a few. They are the pregnant women who can’t afford proper healthcare; families with 5, 6, or more children yet earn below the minimum wage; and, individuals at risk with HIV.

I personally am torn between this issue. Which is why rather than staunchly professing my allegiance to either side, it would be best if I just sit back and let the experts do the talking.

I just hope that at the end of the day, how realistic, how logical, and how critical each parties defend their stand is for a pure, sincere, and noble purposes and not just a way to reign supreme. At this time and age, where our population is beyond 90 million, we really can’t afford to waste more time or resources.

May God be with us all!


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