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127 Hours (2010)

February 13, 2011

127 Hours
February 12, 2011
1230 hours
Cinema 8,
Gateway Mall,
Quezon City

What I love about this film is that it made me realize how much I love the great outdoors. Heck, I’ve been running like crazy since early this past decade. However, after the inevitable twist of the plot happened, it sorta made me realize that sometimes, pushing yourself to the limit is just plain crazy, especially if that isn’t your day job.

I still am a wide-eyed wanderer. But as always, and now, thanks to the movie, I’m doing it now at the side of caution these days. Kudos to James Franco for making the movie work although majority of the time, no other actor can be seen on screen aside from him. I could almost say you’re acting is as good as Tom Hank’s Castaway. Too bad though that you don’t have a “Wilson”, just a “Willy“. Hahaha. Although I still think the editing is quite distracting, I believe Danny Boyle’s magic still works fine. To date, you’re my bet for the Best Actor award for the upcoming Oscars. But then again, I still haven’t seen The King’s Speech.


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