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2011 New Year’s Resolution

December 29, 2010

Here goes:

1. I will properly allocate and balance my time, attention, and dedication between work, God, health, family, entertainment, and any potential romantic relationships

Updated 9/18/2011 – Failing miserably especially with the last bit. Movies? Hell, yeah!

2. I will smile more often 🙂

Updated 9/18/2011 – 🙂

3. I will strike up a conversation with people I hardly know or don’t know at all

Updated 9/18/2011 – I think I do!

4. I will continue to run 10 to 15-kms. every Sunday without the need for any overpriced and “overmarketed” event (Disclaimer: I’m a marketing professional). In addition, I will achieve the following speed records within 2011: 45 mins @ 10 kms, 1 hour 15 mins @ 15 kms, 1 hour 55 mins @ 21 kms, and 4 hours 50 mins 5 hours @ 42.195 kms.

Updated 9/18/2011 – Yep, yep! As of blogtime: 1 hour @ 10 kms, 1 hour 30 mins @ 15 kms, ?? @ 21 kms, and ?? @ 42.195 kms. I’ve gone slower…. 😦

5. Now that I have lost my “masculadong unano” look, I will focus on achieving a “swimmer’s body” without the need to properly learn swimming. Focus lang naman eh.

Updated 9/18/2011 – Next resolution please. I have officially said goodbye to all my skinny jeans!

6. I will travel for pleasure at least once every quarter. Really, then.

Updated 9/18/2011 – Traveled up north for work around 2 weeks ago. I enjoyed it, really! Does that count? I’m also off to Naga/CamSur Area this week in time for CamSur Marathon 2011! Yay!

7. I will join Talentadong Pinoy and sing my heart out. I’m open to suggestions on what to sing.

Updated 9/18/2011 – How about a jury instead?

8. I will act my age (turning 25, te-hee!)

Updated 9/18/2011 – No comment.

9. I will learn football or soccer or whatever the bloody hell it’s called. See, I’m learning already!

Updated 9/18/2011 – No time at all.

10. I will entertain suggestions no matter how stupid these suggestions are

Updated 9/18/2011 – I think people at work would attest that I have indeed controlled my temper.

11. I will tell P & Y 2/3 of my DDS

Updated 9/18/2011 – Sadness. She found another guy worth keeping.

12. I will make a new “professional-looking” blog that would not offend a lot of people. Wag ‘na Lang (, which I already deleted, was my third. The first and second are….

Updated 9/18/2011 – Brewing something real soon!

13. I will join 1 professional/social organization – or establish one

Updated 9/18/2011 – Does WSYHM count?

14. Save, save, save

Updated 9/18/2011 – Well, Manulife Adam’s Ambition is kinda like saving, right?

15. Stocks, stocks, stocks

Updated 9/18/2011 – Bad timing with PNoy around.

Note: Actually, some of the items listed above are not resolutions at all but goals (petty or otherwise), which I aim to achieve this coming new year (decade?). Needless to say, my Ultimate Mission, Vision, and Goals in life will remain intact.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. December 29, 2010 4:39 am

    I like the swimmer body-type. Bagay sa ‘yo. You’ll gonna be ooh my golly sexy. Win na win.

    Cheers to 2011!

  2. king del rosario permalink
    December 29, 2010 8:42 am

    happy new year!!!

  3. Myk Laurente permalink
    December 29, 2010 6:35 am

    I love the first one especially the last part.. gusto din pala maging romantic ni King del Rosario.. hehe

  4. king del rosario permalink
    December 29, 2010 8:42 am

    ay, mukha ba akong hindi?


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