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Katre Mediterranean Restaurant

September 23, 2010

There’s just something about being sick that indeterminably affects your taste buds. Earlier today, this episode happened after days of gastronomic “averageness”.

And so, since I was at Tomas Morato, I decided to dine at Katre Mediterranean Restaurant mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. I have dined here before around 2001 and although I could not recall if the food was any different from my mothers, I could recall that the presentation was unique. I was fresh from Davao del Norte after all. Everything was unique.
  2. After watching Top Chef Season 5, I felt like a Culinary Expert slash critique wanting to taste the finer things in life.

Truth be told, I’d pay more than the usual just to see myself eat. But alas, sometimes my apetite does not agree with me. And I thought, Katre could be of service.

You might call me excited but I went up the dimly lighted entrace/stairs at around 6:05 pm. I was already hungry after all, perfect for such a treat. If I ate any snacks before then my dinner would be ruined. However, given the supposed ambiance I could remember before, evertyhing was just gloom. Thank God, the guard did not have the mistake of asking me what I was going to do inside the restaurant.

Once up the stairs, no receptionist or a maître d’ in sight. Bummer. Suddenly a waiter rushed out of the darkness and asked me something with the use of his eyes. I calmly replied, “Table for 1, no reservation). He showed me the way.

Up next, I ordered. Jeez, I cannot seem to make my stomach alive while reading their menu so I just ordered three basic things (of which I hoped any respectable restaurant would never mess up). First, soup. I ordered Onion Soup. Then I ordered Roasted Chicken, and finally regular Coke with lotsa ice.
While waiting for my food to be served, finally they started to turn on the lights and the ambient music which sounded rather too loud and too pathetic as they had to mix the “output” first. You know what I mean.

When the soup came, I felt like puking. No pictures here. I’m just going to describe the food as is. The Onion Soup is what happens when you boil or brew or whatever slices of onion in salted/peppered water. On top of it is their magnificent “cover” which is comprised of bread float on top of the onion soup complete with Mozarella cheese. At the side is a humble french bread which is one of the few stuff I ate. It didn’t take me long to move the soup away from me. I also find it weird why the soup at the top of the bowl is cold while the soup at the bottom is hot. Goodness, what gives?

Second, here comes the Roast Chicken. I’m not a big fan of their presentation but I was just expecting for a humble roast chicken. What we have is – i dunno – 1/4 of a chicken(?), slightly deboned and placed on top of pesto pasta. Peas and mini sauces surrounds the temple of pesto and chicken with onion rings on top.

First, the chicken. It was too rich for me. It didn’t feel like roast chicken. I maybe wrong, but the words roast chicken did not exactly give me the imagery of chicken in white sauce.

Second, the pesto. I’ve had better pasta at Napoli or the Old Spaghetti House. Bummer.

All I really liked are the 5 pea pods that were just right. If it were not for that it would have been a complete disappointment.

However, after googling, I saw this very terrifying image:

The blogger, Aline, of “Memoirs of Aline” called this dish Pasta Putanesca with Grilled Chicken Breast – with fricassee of wild mushroom and sherry. This looked exactlt what I ate minus the Pasta Putanesca for Pesto! Are they kidding me!? Did they serve me Grilled Chicken Breast and NOT Roast Chicken!? Arghhh!!!

Damage: P604.00
Verdict: I won’t come back unless it’s free or something. In a nutshell, it’s like dining at TOSH during their soft opening. But whatever you do, stay away from the Onion Soup!

Don’t hate me. My taste buds are weird.

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  1. onion permalink
    October 3, 2010 9:35 pm

    it’s an onion soup what would you expect? lol

  2. July 2, 2012 1:52 pm

    Onion soup is onions boiled down usually with a red wine or vinegar (kind of tart with a bitterness of onions) and has a cheese and bread topping which is usually crusty since they use a blow torch to heat the cheese to make it melt. You obviously don’t know what food is supposed to look like or taste like. Secondly the roasted chicken is very good there and usually if its chicken breast then it is boned (bones removed) they call it fillet like you get at McDonald’s on a sandwich. Roasting a chicken is different. It is not boned usually and not grilled and flattened out like you see on sandwiches. I’ve tasted many things they call “pasta” in the Philippines which is usually overcooked noodles in sweet tomato paste that has very little flavor beyond mushy sweetness. I have also taste Katre’s pasta which was pretty good with olive oil and a bit a of basil. I have also tasted that kids spaghetti at The Old Spaghetti House and have been literally sick from it not just wanting to be sick or showing disgust. Roasted is also not grilled which I assume you were looking for since roasting is slow in a pan and sometimes greasy unless drained properly. Grilled chicken is usually over an open fire and less greasy in comparison. Thirdly you cannot compare a completely different dish with different pasta and sauces to the one you had. It just isn’t done.

  3. July 3, 2012 3:56 am

    Hello! Thank you for your comments. I do understand that my tastes (food or otherwise) will never reflect that of the general population or even of a real critic. This is the reason I always say my posts are all about my experiences.

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