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In Sickness and in Health

May 29, 2010

Let’s make this pretty simple. Nope, nothing romantic here. I just want to make a short blog entry about my very hectic and stressful life which led yours truly to lose a lot of weight.

You see, I was like 155 lbs. last February 2010. And then I signed up at Gold’s Gym thanks to my sister who had me as her plus one for Globe Telco’s Corporate Gym Plan. And voila, I lost 10 lbs in 1 month.

And then, I took Sexitabs. I lost 12 lbs more.

And then, this is where the stress and the heat of the sun got into me. Click here to know what I do for a living. Anyway, to cut it short, last May 22-23, 2010 I had a very bad fever. Stress is gonna kill me soon enough me thinks. And so, I just stayed home during that time. The week before that was all hell thanks to the birthpains of handling a startup.

So, lo and behold, I am now just 125 lbs. I’m trying to eat my way back to around 129-130 lbs, which I believe is my ideal weight. This Topmanish slash manorexic look doesn’t seem to please everyone especially not my mom. Hehehe.

Anyway, I’ll hit the gym again by June 1. I’m just giving myself a little rest.

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  1. June 1, 2010 4:12 am

    at least 65kg for your height should be the ideal weight i think… I have the same problem, I lose weight very fast. After attending gym classes a few times topped with work-related stress, I would lose 5kg agad and it’s making a toll in my face cos it drops so easily.

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